Friday Fave's

1. As I mentioned before, I love a great coffee mug. Must be pretty or funny. If it's plain colored with no clever saying or pretty design I won't allow it in my cupboard. I've posted a few pictures before of my favorite mugs but this collection deserves its own (section of a) post.
My current favorites with a few in the dishwasher so they couldn't pose for the lineup:

Today I received this mug courtesy of Jesica over at The Little Vinylsaur on Etsy and I can't wait to use this tomorrow! (Right now it's 6pm and Livi is napping so it's whine time for Shh! Mommy) You can shop her adorable collection here. I'm thinking I'm going to need to order the 'Boo, You Whore' very soon. These 'aint your Grandma's mugs!

2. Olivia's Easter photos. I mentioned before about how she was in a mood the entire time and wouldn't crack a single smile. The only expression we got out of her was when she growled at the photographer and when she gave her 'fishy face'.
Poopin' at 'Pennys

She's so serious. I just love that little face! 

3. Biscuit's new 'do. Her appointment was at 7am today so I had to get up at 6:15 to bring her to the groomers. Since Rich made ME be the one to leave the house so early with her I decided to take it upon myself to shake things up a bit for the pooch's style I call 'Doggy Style'


Her 5th birthday is tomorrow so I bought her a few birthday gifts. Birthdays are huge in this house, it doesn't matter if it's your 1st, your 27th, or if you're covered in fur with pink hearts on your butt.

In things-that-will-make-your-face-go-huh, Brett Michaels now makes dog toys. I have no witty commentary to add to this, I just seriously went 'huh?' when I saw it at Petsmart and added it to my cart so I could make Rich go 'huh?'

Eeeeeevry dog has it's toyyyy…..
(Sung to 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn')

I wish I could name my future daughter Lucy but her name would then be Lucille O'Neil and I don't want kids making fun of her for having a rhyming name. 


I started my own company and my equipment is slowly arriving everyday. I couldn't be more happy. I've always wanted to own my own company and it is finally actually happening. I am already extremely fortunate that Rich and I have a job that allows us to BOTH be home with Olivia 90% of the time/year and to be able to travel with our family and make memories both at home and around the country. I wouldn't change a thing about our lives.

I started this company on the side because I've thought about going for it about 3 years now and just this year said ok on taking the plunge. I'd also love having extra things to do on our off-season that are more productive than color coordinating my closet.
As a kid I enjoyed playing house and dolls like any other girl but my favorite game was "Office". I don't know if it was because I was the oldest of my siblings and cousins or because I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be my own boss; the young in's would 'work for me' and get their 'checks' from me and I would give them reviews on their 'performances'. I was a different kind of child…

T: Billy can I please see you in my office?
B: k
T: Billy how have your sales been this past week?
T: Billy, they've been somewhat lackluster if I'm being completely honest with you.
B: Wanna watch 'Brave Little Toaster?'
T: Yes, but, Billy, I don't think your heart is in this anymore, can you please prove me wrong? 
B: When are we done playing office? 
T: Billy, your bonus check relies on this 
B: Mm hmm..
T: Well?  
B: When's lunch?
T: ….      

I've had 9-5 jobs for many years but I was never happy working for someone else. I work for my family and I work for myself now and it's an incredible blessing that I will never take for granted. In my blog-absense I've been planning out my marketing on my new company and replying to my overwhelming number of emails I've received since starting. I will not shove SMD totally to the back burner though, I love blogging and I love my readers :)

5. Walmart


I'm a Target gal 100% but a Walmart just opened up in our neighborhood and I'm a little stoked to shop in my sweatpants and see the whole People-Of-Walmart in real life.

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