If You Really Knew Me….

Typically I spend a day and write 5-7 posts at a time then schedule them to be posted at various times so my readers aren't hit with 9 posts in one day then a 2 week span of nothing. Many times I will then go back and delete 3-6 of those posts before they're published because they just didn't work for me or were just stupid. That's not to say some of the published posts weren't stupid...

Currently I'm in the middle of a my-brain-doesn't-write-good spurt so I thought I'd follow this blog trend hopping around the blogosphere. So here we go, things are about to get RILL.

If you really knew me you'd know that...

When I initially meet people I'm painfully shy. I studder and my words no longer work. I can be witty on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc. but when it comes to face-to-face interactions I clam up. This often comes off as me being bitchy which isn't (always) the truth. 

I have a dark past which I deal with through humor. That dark past is both from things out of my control and things I take responsibility for. Finally at 29 I am happy and stable. (No Dad, not drugs or anything.)

I never ever had to deal with my weight until I had a baby. I was always skinny, not always in shape, but never overweight. It's tough now that I can't eat whatever I want because my metabolism peaced the fuck out 9 months ago.

I grew up Roman Catholic. Which is a VERY strict branch of catholicism. Our mass was in Latin, we couldn't even say 'Gosh' around my Grandpa. Confession happened more than once a month and we NEVER missed mass. Today I don't attend church but consider myself a very relaxed Christian. 

I have never had a bloody nose. Very odd.

I can't imagine anything more fun, relaxing, and full of happiness than snuggling with my family in our pajamas in bed on a rainy day watching movies eating junk food.

fashion is great, but I will always prefer yoga pants and a tee with a hooded sweatshirt.

nothing gets on my nerves more than when someone can't spell. I will make sure my children know the differences between know/no, there/their/they're, to/two/too, were/we're, you're/your, the list goes on and on. 

I  wish I could sing. I still, at 29, sing with my brush in the mirror to Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and other divas pretending I have a little bit of talent. My lack of skill hasn't stopped me from hopping onstage for some karaoke after a little liquid courage.

I love watching sappy movies and crying. I can't remember the last time my real life made me sob so I get a good bawl-fest from flicks both sad and happy. 

I once met LMFAO but had no idea it was them when I met them. I just thought they were odd.

I don't like the smell of lavender. It actually makes me gag. The only exclusion would be the Johnson &Johnson nighttime baby lotion in purple. 

second to my family, traveling is my everything. I love touring the world and seeing new things. I understand how very fortunate I am that I get to do and see the things I experience. 

as cold and awful the weather is, I can't imagine living anywhere other than Minnesota. We have 4-ish seasons. Fishing, bonfires, Minneapolis, Mall of America, new stadiums, camping, all things outdoorsy.

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