Oh you fancy huh?

Holidays are finally fun again with a little one in the family. On both sides of the family all the kids are grown up so holidays used to mean gathering for some ham and cheesy potatoes then going home after an hour or two of 'visiting' with each other, also known as watching TV at the same time together.

Since I'm exhausted beyond words here's some pictures to figure out what we did with our Sunday without words.

Our friends stopped by unexpectedly while we were playing in the driveway and took an impromptu family photo. Had I known I was going to have a quick Easter family photo I would've done more with my hair, and clothes, and face...

Playing with her Easter iPad, yes my 9month old got an iPad for Easter. Remember the part about her being the only baby in the families? She's very spoiled.
Now excuse me while I beckon my chauffeur and yell at the maids while I lay around with my Hermes Birkin and Louboutins. 


  1. Awww your baby is adorable! An ipad? Well at least it's not a phone. Wait, does she already have a phone?

    1. Thank you Michelle. No, no phone yet! A few Fisher Price ones..


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