Pure Romance Pink & Black Girls Night In PJ Party

My friend Jamie became a PR consultant and I wanted to host her first party to help her get comfortable with parties - and because it was an excuse to plan another party. I had it at my house last night and told everyone to arrive in their PJs, only one person listened. Ah-well.

Photo Bomb:
All things pink & black

We had 12 bottles of wine for the gals to choose from. A sampling above, we had risqué names to keep with the theme.
Silverware held in champagne glasses

The recipe for the 'Is it Cold in Here' cookies are here.
1. Roll the balls into the pink or red sprinkles, don't just add the sprinkles to the mixture. I wanted to take a shortcut by adding the sprinkles to the batter but it didn't work.
2. Spray your hands in PAM before rolling the dough. I had a sticky situation on my hands. Ba Dum Shhh…. (Get it?)

I also had 'Eat My Taco Dip' but forgot to take a photo. I make this at every party because
1. It's delis (I've been accused of putting crack in it because it's addicting.)
2. It's the only thing I know how to make

16 oz. Sour Cream
2 bricks of cream cheese
2.5 packets of taco seasoning (Ortega is my preferred)
a few dunks of Ortega taco sauce
blend with a hand mixer

Top with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, black olives, pickles, whatever your crowd likes.
Overall a very successful party leaving this mama with a horrible wine headache this morning.

Why Rich and I are out of the running for parents of the year: 

We have gates everywhere in the house because Olivia is extremely mobile. Friday morning Rich and I had a ton to do and weren't communicating well because we were both just frazzled and busy. I went downstairs to respond to some emails while he was in the living room (main level) working on whatever. 

I assumed he knew I went downstairs and that Olivia was with him in the living room.
He assumed I took her downstairs with me. 

Not even 2 minutes later

R: Where is she?
T: With you
R: No, she's not here
T: < flies up the stairs in a panic>

She's not on the main level- anywhere.

I fly up to the 2nd level having to jump over the baby gate. Not in the laundry room, not in the master bedroom. Pure panic at this point. 

I sprinted to the 3rd level (her room) and there she was smiling away playing with her toys. 

She. Climbed. TWO flights of stairs! How the hell she scaled the fence to get upstairs I'll never understand (I could just watch the nanny cam but letsbereal I'm not going to). If you're a new reader, Olivia is 9 months old, not 16 months. 

BabyProofing: 0 
Olivia: 1

I swear they don't make a gate that will keep my child out of and away from things. 

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