Run or Dye

I love running and I love events where folks are dressed ridiculously and act like animals. Count me in. I signed up for the Twin Cities Run or Dye event which was held yesterday at Harriet Island.

The tutus I made for us.

It was a good time but could've been better if the weather wasn't 37fuckingdegrees and if Dumb and Dumber weren't the MC's we were forced to listen to while we waited, no kidding- over 2 hours in line to start running!

It was massively unorganized and we spent the entire time waiting in line shoulder to shoulder with everyone.

Rich and Olivia came to watch but left as soon as we got there because it was just too cold for her.

Much happier in a warm restaurantA
So one of the MCs we were stuck listening to looked a little something like this:
You know when you can just look at someone and confidently say they have genital herpes without knowing anything about them? Yep, just a very punch-able face. Excuse the blurry photo, I just googled 'Douche Bag Juice Head' and it fit perfectly.
We finally get to run/walk and had a good time. Crossing the finish line being pelted with bright yellow chalk dust stuff was the best because it meant we were done and it was time for a tall frosty beer.

Hugged her and turned her hair green

Thinking "You guys need baths"
I'm excited to sign up for my next run, but next time it'll be timed with organization and no MCs

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