The most tiring weekend in the history of weekends


As I posted before, it was Biscuit's birthday on Saturday, the big 0-5. She's officially the oldest, in dog years, in the house. Below are the pictures we took the day we got her:

Leave my face out of this, I was at a wedding the night before. This was as good as it was going to get.

During this time I was working full-time at a normal-person-40-hour-a-week-never-doing-that-again job. Having to leave her on Monday morning was hard. That's when I first became a mom (whether covered in fur or in diapers).
She was so tiny and sweet and everyone told us to not let her sleep in our bed with us or she would never be able to sleep in a dog bed on her own. The first night she cried a little bit and I immediately brought her in bed with us and let her sleep snuggled on my chest. From that first night on she's never slept anywhere other than right next to us in bed. Oops.

Saturday night we had date night with our besties kid-free, whaaat?? We had tickets to Jim Gaffigan and he was hysterical! It was nice getting out and having a meal and drinks without little hands fishing for whatever we were eating. Of course as parents we didn't have anything to talk about other than our munchkins.

We went to bed by 10 and I was beyond exhausted.


Day at the casino with the ladies. I woke up at 8:15am and wish I could've slept til at least 3pm. I was worn out well past my limit, burning the candle at both ends. When I got home it wasn't time to nap, it was time to grill. One of our friends from Kansas was home for the weekend so everyone was over to hang out together while he was home. Still no nap for me.
Rich and I tried to watch the Gathering of the D-list stars hosted by Conan O'Brien  MTV Movie Awards but it was such a snooze fest, it was obvious all the real stars were at Coachella. I finally had the opportunity to sleep so I did. I woke up Monday feeling like I hadn't shut my eyes.


A trip to Target for groceries ended in the most epic tantrum Olivia had ever thrown. I've never seen her act out like that ever. She grabbed items off the shelf just to throw them while screaming. She didn't even bother looking at what she was grabbing, just yelling a big F-you to whatever and whoever would listen. I didn't even get to use my coupons and cartwheel at check out because I was anxious to get out of there as fast as we could. I had no idea 9-month old children could throw tantrums like 2 year olds but sure enough, she made herself known while we were there.

Night- I made cupcakes because I am tired and crabby and don't want anything to do with a diet. These. Things. Just. Happen!

Found these at Michaels. Peeps Cups! 

If you haven't seen these on Pinterest you may be living under a rock. 

Also known as 'Dr. Seuss cupcakes'

I used the four colors included in the food dye kit then to make the orange and turquoise I mixed a few.

Time to get back to my regular workout routine. I've been seriously slacking with a jiggly ass to prove it. Not that it's an excuse but I've been completely overwhelmed with things I need to get done which is why I'm pooped out by 8pm everyday. I need a cleanse.

Tuesday AM I'm finally finishing a 'weekend' post, that's how far behind and tired I am. Here's some cute to make up for it:

Headband from Posh Little Tots. I'm obsessed with her headband shop. 

She realized her voice echoes when she's yelling in the bathroom. Now we can't keep her out.

Just out to breakfast in a $100 outfit. No big deal… (No we didn't buy this, it was a gift!) 

So Happy!

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