Wedding Song Dance Along

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Wedding Song Dance Along! 

Rich and I were married December 28th, 2012, it feels like only yesterday. It was truly an amazing day and I wouldn't change a thing about that day. Okay, except for maybe not forgetting my flowers while I walked down the aisle. Yea, I did that. Spent $300 on my beautiful bouquet and while I was walking down the aisle I had my Dad on my right arm and wondered what I was supposed to be doing with my left hand (because I'm naturally just super awkward). Then I realized, F-WORD! MY FLOWERS! I left them in the changing room.

Moving on.

Our first dance was to 'Lost in This Moment With You' from Rascal Flatts. We chose this song because when we heard it for the first time we decided it would be our wedding song (we weren't even engaged yet.) 

When we danced with our parents the song was "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts (can you see a trend here?) My Dad looked so handsome in his tux. I think that was maybe the second time in ever I've seen him in something other than a logo tee shirt (Budweiser, Batman, Jack Daniels, Ghostbusters, etc.) and an old pair of jeans. 

Finally, we got the party started with our wedding party to "Don't Stop the Party" by Pitbull

My beautiful bridesmaids

The group

Time for seriousness

I couldn't be happier with how the ballroom turned out. I wanted a winter-wonderland feel with our wedding colors (plum & silver) and my florist NAILED it! Large silver branches, candles everywhere, white and plum flowers. We hired a lighting company to light up the whole room which turned out beautifully with the chandeliers and candles everywhere. The lighting changed colors subtly throughout the night and gave a water-looking feel on the high ceilings. 

Our cake topper was a custom bobble heads of us!

Rich and the groomsmen surprised me with a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber's "Baby Baby Baby" song! Total surprise!! 

Some of the songs played during our wedding that brought the crowd out
Thrift Shop (this had just come out, not even on the radio yet and Rich and I INSISTED they play it)
Gagnam Style - Psy
Somethin' Bout a Truck - by some country guy
Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys
I Knew You Were Trouble - T.Swift (I'm a big closet Taylor fan)
Single Ladies by Beyonce - My bouquet toss song
I'm Too Sexy - Rich's garter toss song
Anything Bruno Mars
Anything Britney Spears
Anything 90's-2000's

If I could relive my wedding I would over and over and over and over again. So beautiful. 

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  1. Among all the wedding traditions, I think the tossing of the bouquet is the important and fun filled, especially for all the single women at a wedding.


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