5 on Friday: How to (not) Blog

I've been stupid-busy lately and haven't had any real sit down and type time. Our season starts up soon so I'm taking the opportunity to bandwagon the '5 on Friday' blogger cliche to fill you in on what's been the haps around here.

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We're buying bikes! I haven't ridden a bike since I was 12. Honestly. While testing them out in the store I realized that old saying 'It's just like riding a bike' isn't entirely true. We haven't decided yet what we're getting because Rich wants a rugged manly mountain bike while I'd prefer something a little more pretty

As soon as I got my license as a teen I used the excuse to drive everywhere for everything. I never broke myself of that habit and miss the days when you would hop on your bike to go anywhere. I plan on putting stickers on both the cars and the bikes in the garage saying "You're almost 30, choose the bike". Motivation.


Olivia's summer nanny is back! (It takes a village, people).

Her gifts from Poland

It'll take a day or two to get used to each other again 
Monika was with us last year July - October and has come back to help us this season again until October. One day I'll do a post on what it is Rich and I do but until then yes, we do need a nanny. I'm not a stay at home mom, or a work at home mom, or a work away from home mom; I'm all 3.


With nice weather we've been walking to the park daily. This winter was brutal keeping us cooped up inside all day everyday. Our only relief was leaving the state which we did twice because we couldn't take it anymore. Parks, Farmer's Markets, garage sales, you name it, we're at it. 

The grass is always greener… when you add a filter. (No for real, my lawn looks amazing this year!) 


She only want me for my Poop Juice. Ooooooooh! I think I need to let it loose.
^ Sung to the tune of Pimp juice by Nelly. 

Olivia has had a bad case of constipation. Rather than running to the store for some sugar filled, preservative packaged juice for her I grabbed a few fruits and made her some Poop-Juice with my juicer. A couple apples, grapes, pineapple, and happy baby. Get a juicer, people! Or don't. Whatever. 


Still in persuit of Susan at Freshly Picked to do a giveaway on the blog. I've purchased another pair of these moccasins because they truly are the best for little chubby baby feet. They STAY ON and are soft soled so they don't weigh her little feet down as she's getting used to the whole one-foot-in-front-of-the-other pattern. 

Would anyone be interested in a giveaway???? 


  1. Hi there! New reader through the Five on Friday link up. Ok, so seriously, your blog has had me cracking up now for about 30 minutes as I've been reading your 'about' and 'what's with the name?' sections along with some other posts. Hysterical. And those mocs? LOVE. Yes, giveaway please! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for reading Courtney! Love your blog's name haha. I'm working on getting a giveaway. Spread the mocs love ya know?


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