Current Loves, Baby Proofing, Grounded from Target

Things around here are crazy. Good. But crazy. Olivia is walking more and more everyday which means everything in our home has been moved up 3 feet, locked up, closed shut, gated off, even duct taped closed (that would be my doing).

Rich mounted the TV 2 feet higher, Biscuit's food and water has been moved to the laundry room which we can tell she isn't a fan of, more gates were installed and I'm still trying to get used to all the pantry doors being child-proofed. I found Olivia chewing on the bottle of Biscuit's Gas-Be-Gone pills  and lost my shit. Thankfully she didn't get ahold of any of the medicine. I didn't know where Rich put the child proof locks for that particular drawer so I grabbed some duct tape and closed it shut. 

Rich and I are slowly going back to work and will be full speed in just a few short weeks. Olivia and her nanny are getting to know each other again and only had a couple meltdowns on Day 1. Edit: One of these days I will do a 'What the heck do you and Rich DO?? post as well as why we have a part-time nanny. No, I'm not sitting around painting my nails while someone else raises my baby. I'm the one washing smushed crackers out of her hair, the carpet and the dog. 

Tonight to get back to some 'us' time Rich and I are going on a date to see 'Sister Act' in Minneapolis. We're huge fans of the theatre. 

Other current loves in the O house: 

We're playing a lot of Clue. My all time favorite game. Last night the DVD player wasn't working so we couldn't play and I nearly cried. 
Look who's finally growing some hair! 
Living in my Victoria's Secret sweatshirts. My daily wardrobe is 99% yoga pants, a tank and a VS sweatshirt. All day 'erday. 
My new love from Pure Romance. Pink Cupcake Body Dew. Spritz it on after a shower for moisture and bonus, you smell like a cupcake all day.  
Top it off with the other new love of my life: Sexy Little Things NOIR by Victoria's Secret. 

I've decided to take a Target break for the next few weeks. By I, I mean Rich. Damn it! Checking the Cartwheel app for new deals is like Mom-Porn. Why is it so hard to go there for just what you need? And no, you will not find me at Walmart. Walmart is like the Pepsi of superstores. Not quite good enough but it'll do if you're desperate. 

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