Product Review: DropCam

This is one product that I will 10000% recommend for overall peace of mind especially when you have children. Read more about the product here on their website.

Set Up: Take it out of the box, plug it in, turn it on and download the app and BAM! Security camera on your phone. Set up takes less than 5 minutes and couldn't be simpler. We set one up on the main level and in the nursery. Here's the actual view from my phone of our cameras in action.

'Scuze the mess, or don't... we've been busy.

The top camera is the DropCam Pro around 9pm and the bottom photo is in the nursery in almost total darkness on the standard DropCam. The night vision on these things is fantastic. You can see that there isn't TOO much of a difference in camera quality. Here they are in basically the same lighting to show the differences.

You can select a room, turn your phone on its side and zoom in up to 4xs on the standard cam and 8xs on the pro.

My favorite part? Actually I have two favorites:

1. I receive a push notification every time something happens in either room. The baby wakes up, the dog walks around, the front door opens, someone walks through the room, A-NY-THING.

2. The two way microphone. Yup, that's what sold me. Let's say you have a dog who isn't allowed on the couch (not my dog, the whole house is hers and she would give me a WTF face if I told her not to lay on the couch) and you're at work. Fido hops on the couch and you get a text, you can hold down the microphone to tell Fido to 'Get Down!' and they will hear your voice straight through the speakers. This is also a great way to scare the shit out of babysitters who don't know you have cameras in the house when they start snooping through your bidness.

We have two cameras, the DropCam and the DropCam Pro. That says a lot about a product when you are willing to shell out nearly $200 on another one. Regular is $149 and the Pro is $199.

Read their site on the differences between the two cameras. Honestly, I don't see a huge difference in the two other than a slightly better picture with the Pro.

Drop Cam offers cloud recording you can purchase for 7 days of recording at $9.95/month or $99 for a year or upgrade to 30 days of recording at $29.95/month or $299 for a year. Recording will be beneficial if someone breaks into your house and even if they destroy the cameras, you will have that recording available just by logging in to your account on any computer.

Wanna know if your teenager had a party while you were out of town? Boom- recorded.
Did your babysitter basically ignore the child the entire time? Boom- recorded.

Cons? There is only ONE con to this product, the numerous push notifications I get when anything happens. I'll honestly get maybe 50 notifications throughout the day because the cameras are so sensitive. The plus side to this however is that when the baby wakes up you get notified right away when they sit up in their crib. If the push notifications are getting to be too much and you're home all day, then just turn the camera off on your phone, you don't even need to get up to do it. That's my lazy-me talking.

Business owner? You can set up these cameras in a flash with recording and give the log in information to the managers so you all have access to view the store on your phones.

Still don't know what to get your father or your husband for Father's Day? Get him a DropCam! Then give me ideas of what to get my dad and Rich because they're the two hardest people in the world to buy gifts for - insert frowny face -

PS: Not a paid review, I didn't get this product for free. I paid full price and just genuinely love this thing.


  1. wow--that is actually really cool. I am going to look into this. I watch too much Criminal Minds--maybe this will put my delusions at bay. lol

    1. Yes! That's me, but Forensic Files.

    2. those shows will seriously mess with your mind! i will swear people are lookin' at me funny at the grocery store or that their is a crazy person hiding in my shower. Ill randomly check closets after watching an episode of CM. LOL. Please check out my new blog!!

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