Throwback Travel Thursday: Florence. The Jersey Shore Italian Pizzeria and Juliet's Balcony

Part one and two of my November 2012 Italy trip.

This is a day late because yesterday was such a sh*t day. If life had a soundtrack yesterday's song would've been that horrible American Idol 'bad day' song.

Today's not top 10 of my favorite days either but it is what it is.

Back to TBTThursday Friday.

Florence was beautiful. The trashy-tv watcher that I am insisted we find the pizzeria the Jersey Shore cast worked at.

We had the Ronnie (or was it the Mike?) pizza. I can't remember, but it was delicious and made by the owner, their manager. Each cast member created their own pizza and I'm pretty sure ours was the Ronnie. Lots o' meat. Very fitting.

 I kid you not I am JUST NOW noticing the no photos signs. Oop

I bought a shirt from the hostess who is also the owner's wife. She is originally from California and moved to Italy with him. She said she hung out with the cast after work all the time (which I totally believe because she looked like their 'type') and told us their address to the house for some more Rich-hates-this-part-of-the-trip photos.

Remember the episode where Snooki wanted to go to Space? This is that nightclub. It was like 8pm and nobody was in line yet so I asked if I could check out the inside quick (I'm not a nightclub person so there was no way I'd come back to party at it later.) The bouncer said no so I somehow convinced the manager to let me come in and peek around. Somehow that worked. It's not much but there aren't many nightclubs in the area. 

Then went back to doing non-tv stuff:

We ventured over to Casa di Giulietta, the home they say inspired Billy Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

Not being immature, they say rubbing her right breast is good luck. 

Wherefore art thou Romeo? Her balcony. For $10 you can stand on the balcony. Rich and I did it but our photo was blurry and not post-worthy. 

Locks of Love

The Arena in Verona

Right before we lost Father John. He went to get Gelato and the group took off. Sorry Father. 
Dinner at Giostra. So delicious. So friendly. 
 Italy Tips:

1. Pack your shoes in shower caps so they don't get your clothes dirty!

2. Always have change on you because many public restrooms cost money to use. Typically $1-$1.50. 

Hopefully next week I'll my ish together and get the post up on real-Thursday. Next week: Rome? Pompeii? 'Nidontknow.

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