Throwback Travel Thursday: New York in Times Square on New Year's Eve

I thought I'd pause from the Italy TBTT and throw in something a little different. In December 2011 we crossed off Go To Times Square For New Years Eve from our bucket list. Here's some blurry photos from our trip to New York. I cannot wait to go back. I feel like I belong in NYC.

Honestly, super sucky that the photos were so blurry. I didn't have a good camera in those days. I put all my money into clothing which are now donated rather than putting money into creating memories. Ya live and learn. Not shown: Grand Central Station, Spiderman Play, The restaurant Ninja, The Sex Store, and the 10+ stops we made getting a Sabrett Hot Dog. The. Best.

So here are some blurry, in no particular order because-I'm-lazy photos of my NYC trip:

This is by far the funniest show I've ever seen. The Book of Mormon was written by the South Park creators, so don't take your Grandma to this show! It was so good we even got tickets for back home in Minneapolis to see this again. Josh Gad was a hoot (the voice of Olaf in Frozen) and perfect for his role. Of course I downloaded the soundtrack to the play and sing it throughout the house today. 
Where Heath Ledger died. We took a "haunted" tour of NYC and were shown various infamous murder/death scenes.
Best pizza in the whole wide world. Don't argue with me. I'll go back JUST for their pizza.
We went to the famous 'Comedy Cellar' and saw Dave Attell. Later that night we went to a bar/club and saw Amy Schumer and Jeff Ross.  

Rooftop at the Ganseevort. As seen on Kim or Kourtney or some of them take New York.  
Rich's mom making friends 

The 2 at the end of 2012  

I was THISCLOSE to Hugh Grant
Great photo Teri... Thanks guys :) This is where the scene in Sex and the City movie takes place when Carrie talks to Big on the phone and he says he couldn't get out of the car. Still chokes me up watching that scene. 
We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square and this stage was right underneath our room. I opened the window and we could hear Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Bieber (? Ithink?) and others LIVE right below us. 
Naked cowboy
If you go to NYC for New Years Eve do NOT plan on standing in those gates if you can. People started standing in them at 9am. You can't bring chairs, eat, drink (unless you prepared for that), leave for any reason unless you plan on not returning or use the restroom. The whole diaper thing is true. We did not wait around 15+ hours to see the ball drop. Instead we were able to go out and have fun all day because we had reservations at the TGI Fridays right near the ball.

I know what you're thinking.

Who wants to spend NYE at TGI Fridays?? Seriously, do it. There's no bars or clubs or restaurants nearby within sight of the ball. For I think $300/person you get a table at Fridays, bottle service, free drinks all night, free appetizers all night and at midnight you get to all go stand outside on the sidewalk to see the ball drop then head back in for warmth. You get a bathroom and freedom to come and go as you please all while eating and drinking all you want all night. The best. If/when we go back I will be going there again. Here is more information. We had 7 people and got the Ultra VIP. It's pricy yes, but it's a bucket list item that is probably once in a lifetime.

We stayed for about a week which was plenty of time to do all things touristy:

Central Park
Carrie Bradshaw's steps
Grand Central Station
Broadway Shows
Little Italy
China Town
Dine at Robert Deniro's restaurant in Chelsea
Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx (I didn't go to these)
Saturday Night Live tour
Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty

You get the idea...

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