Throwback Travel Thursday: Venice

This is post #2 of my trip to Italy. The Vatican & Sistine Chapel post here. Venice was our first stop and my all time favorite place in the whole wide world. Just going through the photos deciding which ones to post is giving me the urge to book a trip back there soon. Honestly though I'm going to wait until my kids are much older so they can really appreciate the art and what they're experiencing.

You won't find anything with 2 wheels in Venice. No bikes, skateboards, scooters, cars, cabs, roller-skates, anything. Everything is by foot or boat.
We toured a jail that was last used in the early 1900s. They would keep 5-10 prisoners in a cell this size at a time. Get this, prisoners were given a glass of red wine with each meal. That's how much red wine meant/means to the culture. Prisoners got wine!

Our waiter "Mike" was a hoot.  

San Marco Square when we were there
San Marco Square just 2 weeks before we got there. October 2012 there was a huge flooding and we were worried we'd have to skip Venice. Thankfully it was perfect when we got there! Only a couple days after we left it flooded again. 
The only photo of us while we were there that was decent. Nobody could figure out my camera. I have the Nikon J1 

We rode a gondola while we were there and Rich didn't follow the rules of hold still and don't switch seats and we seriously almost tipped the damn thing!

If you go to Venice:
- You have to pay extra for a singing gondolier, in the movies you assume they all sing. Nope.
- Climb the clock tower in San Marco Square if you can. I didn't do it and wish I would've to see all of Venice from the top.
- Get some gelato. Delicioso!
- Walk Walk Walk. There's so much to see in Venice and since you can't hail a cab or ride a bike you'll get a great workout in.

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