When The Husband Is Away (Part III) + Baby Trend Velocity Ultra Lite Jogging Stroller Review + Tone It Up Karena's Turkey Chili

He's almost home! He's almost home! We just FaceTime'd and he's in Iowa. Only a couple more hours 'til we're reunited (and it feels so goooood!)

So Tuesday with my severe lack of sleep I was in bed and snoring by 9:30pm. Olivia decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore and woke up at 11, 1, 3, 5 and 7 with only 20 minute naps all of today. Pretty stoked to have Rich home to take half the night shifts again.
Hurry home Daddy!

I received an email that my Olivia's moccasins were on their way and nearly tackled the mailman to get the package. She got two compliments while we were out running around about how cute her shoes were. The best part about the Freshly Picked moccasins are that they STAY on her feet. I have many shoes without their partners in her closet because she pulls them off and we never see them again. Now that she's taking steps these are great about not getting in the way tripping her up or weighing her feet down like other baby shoes can. The price is a little scary but now that I know we both like them I plan on getting a pair or two more on eBay when I see them in her size.
In "Heirloom"

I made my favorite Tone It Up recipe for dinner: Karena's Turkey Chili and added quinoa for some healthy carbs. Recipe can be found here. I add more chili powder and cumin than the recipe calls for because I like the extra kick/flavor. A few squirts of sriracha will spice it up well too. I ate this for M5 but it makes a huge batch so I'll have leftovers for M3 and M5 tomorrow.

It doesn't look great but it tastes awesome!
So I've been running with Olivia's everyday stroller because I didn't want to shell out the dough for a real jogging stroller. It's not easy to do so today I caved and purchased The Baby Trend Velocity Ultra Lite jogging stroller in 'Bumble Bee'.

The Pros:
- So easy to assemble. I did it entirely by myself in 10 minutes. The only tool you need is a standard crescent wrench to tighten the front wheel.
- Includes an MP3 plug-in speakers compatible with my iPhone. The sound is pretty great too! I didn't have any muffling.
- Safety: 5-point harness buckle for baby.
- Could easily run holding the stroller with just one hand. I couldn't do that with a "normal" stroller that isn't made for running.f
- Great over bumps and humps. The stroller barely jiggled Olivia around when I ran over potholes.
- Accessories: 2 cup holders for each of us

The Cons:
- Can't bring much with you but for a simple run you shouldn't need a purse or diaper bag.
- I won't need it now but you need to buy a separate car seat for the infant add-in. By next baby I will upgrade to a double jogger though.
- The canopy doesn't fold like I want it to entirely. It kept the wind out of her face but I want the option to cover her entirely should we get stuck in the rain.

I love this thing. Totally recommend it to anyone.

I bought this duvet cover today for our bedroom. A score I found in the Target clearance section. Only $35!!! I hope it's not too girly for his taste.

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