When the husbands away (Part II) VIDEO OF FIRST STEPS AT 9 MONTHS OLD

Day 2

Woke up at 3:30am. That's 4 hours of sleep. I heard a noise and never went back to sleep. Around 5 I decided to get up for the day and did my usual morning routine:

Wake up
Weigh myself
Be sad so I change into running clothes
Not run and just wear cozy workout clothes all day

Rich is not an early bird and I am. I love mornings and I love coffee in bed. With him not home I'm able to blog in bed with coffee, give the dog some much needed love (she gets clinically depressed with Rich isn't around) and watch the news. Get scared all over again. Change to reruns of Boy Meets World.

Anyhoo here's what I did with myself on Day2:

Hang the pictures that have been sitting in the hallway for weeks.

I'm going to have to take down the decal. I seriously messed it up putting it up. I should've just bought the ones you see in Target or Michaels but I thought "I could find that cheap on eBay!" And I did... but the quality is crap.

I know my house needs a makeover. It looks like we just moved in and we've been here for 5 years. I suck at interior decorating, it is NOT a skill of mine. All our walls (with the exception of the bedrooms) are still white, white, white, with splashes of taupe and brown. Boring. But I'm scared of color and hate painting so whattayagunnado? If anyone has tips or suggestions or anything fill me in. That landing at the end of the hall needs something on the wall but I don't know what so it's been bare for 5 years.

I need to clean my phone off apparently. What's with the fuzz?

After hanging a few mismatched frames I took Olivia to the park down the street from our house. We got there and found they didn't have any baby swings so really there was nothing she could do there. #ParkFail

We were playing on the floor when.........

Well dear readers (all 3 of you), I officially have a WALKER!

I've been crying with happiness all day. I'm also a little bummed Rich isn't here to see it in person with me. So so proud of my little big girl!

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