When the husbands away...

... the wife will never sleep and do odd things.

Rich occasionally needs to go out of town for work leaving Olivia and I to fend for ourselves. I never know what to do with myself while he's gone, mostly because I'm approaching 30 but still too scared to be home alone. I need projects and random things to do so I don't spend my time thinking about burglars and worst-case-situations. Every little bump in the night jolts me awake hissing "What's that??" triggering the dog to go nuts and wake the baby up.

So here's a compilation of what I did while Rich was gone.

Day 1:

Went to Target and Home Goods. Spent too much money again. I think I was getting a little out of hand so Olivia took it upon herself to start crying and getting hysterical to stop me from spending any more money.
Picked up some new items for her nursery to replace what I eBayed:

I frequently eBay mine and Olivia's items so check out my "store". By frequently I mean once every few months...
My eBay
I love a great deal. Couponing, thrifting, eBaying, getting stuff for free through carefully planned coupons and groupons is my high.

Built a shelf during naptime. By "built" I mean I put pieces A and B together with sides C with the L-shaped tool and fake screws provided so really I just assembled a shelf. I put the shelf in her room and she immediately tried climbing it. Shit, it tips... Safety hazard. It's now sitting in her bathroom out of her reach until Rich gets home to bolt it to the wall. What started as me proud of doing something on my own led to "Honey, you're home! Great! I have stuff you need to finish!"
The painting next to the humidifier was a gift from our friend. He was a zookeeper at the Kansas City Zoo where the elephants paint pictures. He asked me when I was pregnant what colors the nursery would be without telling me why he was asking. I told him pink and gray and he had the painting done for Olivia's room. So sweet.

1. It was made just for her.
2. Elephants are my favorite animal.
3. The elephant's name is Lea (Olivia's Grandma's name)
4. Elephants represent our business (carnivals & fairs)

Here is a video of Lea the elephant painting a picture. (Not painting the one we have but A picture)

In the afternoon we went to the park for some free fun.
Met up with our friend Sebastian for some fun on the swings


Decided to be a gardener:

For no reason at all other than needing something to do. I don't know the first thing about gardens (the first thing that should tip you off is the fact that the things are sitting in Tupperware) and really don't know if these pots are even going to survive long enough to turn into food. I don't know if they need to be put into the ground or even when that needs to happen. I have no plot planned out in my yard for this and if I need to build a fence then just scratch that whole idea all together. Good luck seeds, hopefully we can eat you in a few weeks (days? months? see, I don't know)

By night I realized I did nothing Cinco de Mayo related and got a little sad. It was our 3-year anniversary of getting engaged so I was a little bummed I forgot the holiday almost entirely. Not a single taco or cerveza. Insert frowny face.

Gathered all my weapons and went to bed.

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