When the Wife's Away...

Things are super fine and productive.

When I left last week for my girls trip I giggled a tad thinking 'how is Rich going to this all alone?' secretly wishing that when I returned home he would tell me that things fell apart and they need me and to never leave again. Turns out, everything was more than fine. He done did it. Snaps and Claps for Rich. During my back-home dinner  that he of course prepared, he said, "You should go out of town more often, I got so much done".

I returned home to a clean house, clean baby, he organized and basically built a new closet, rearranged my office and built a fence around the pool. The only thing he didn't do was the laundry. Baby Steps..

Since they're too cute, here are some of the photos he sent me while I was gone to make me cry.

Fed her a healthy breakfast
While I consumed THIS
Bathed the baby
And took selfies
While I had this before noon. 
Check out the hotel we stayed at in Nashville.
Yea, but check out her new pose! 
This is exactly where I wanted to be when I returned home. 
He even remembered to water my vegetables and plants! I think I'm never allowed to complain again about him working all day or having to go out of town.

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