11 months

Time is flying by way too fast. It feels like yesterday that I was 36 weeks pregnant with Olivia and counting down the days until her due date. Unknowing to me that she was going to give it another (long) week and arrive at 41 weeks.

My little sweet is 11 months old today and honestly the most fun baby ever. I won't get to call her a 'baby' for long which gives me the sad feels.

Wears: 12-18 month clothing. She just met the little neighbor girl who is 9 months older than her and Olivia weighs MORE than her. We'll get 12 month stats next month but at her 9 month appointment she was in the 90th percentile for both height and weight.

Says: Mama, Dada and Duck. She says duck like "du" but we know what she means because whenever she sees one of her rubber duckies she says 'du du du du du du' much like the seagulls in Finding Nemo saying 'mine'; there are no pauses between words, just continuous "du du du!"

Loves: Swinging on the swings, dancing anytime any song comes on, be tickled but NOT on the feet- just like mama, running after the dog, bubbles, drinking out of straws, pickles (she only gets when we're out to eat to calm her down, not at home so they're a treat), going outside, Doc McStuffins.

Moving: Full time walker, part time crawler. She walks like crazy, they're not careful first steps anymore. She will stand up and Go Go Go! She'll walk, stop, turn around while still standing and start running in the other direction. She's figuring out running but her little legs move faster than her head at this point.

Not so likes: Sitting in shopping carts, she wants to be facing the other way or sit sideways in the cart. Sitting in restaurant high chairs, sitting in her car seat (let's just say she doesn't like sitting!)

Milestones: Waves hello and bye-bye

Eats: Everything. She eats whatever Rich and I are eating (no honey or peanut butter or nuts of course) keeping her food mainly organic with a couple bites of treats here and there. On Friday she had her first bite of a doughnut and slowly squinted her eyes, looked at me and goes "mmmmmmmmm". We're slowly eliminating formula and moving to Whole Milk for her now. She has taken very well to it which makes things much easier and MUCH cheaper for us.

We love you Livi Lou and can't wait for what you have in store for us in the coming months. 

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  1. SUCHH a cutie!! I bet the waving hello and goodbye is heart melting :) :)


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