North West, The Direction - Not The Person

Where the heck are we?

 Very north west. Canada is literally right down the road. 

I was practically at a stop and nobody was in the car with me. I had to take a photo, it's just so pretty up here.

After 6+ hours of driving we're at our home for the week. I love when we're living on the road, always a new "back yard" and new neighbors to meet. 

Pre-baby our road trips consisted of 1-2 quick stops for potty breaks. Now we take one every hour to run around and play. Takes. For. Ever. 
Shortly after this picture she grabbed my bottle of water and dumped it on the bed saying "ayyyyy!" (yay!) Not yay! that was all over Mommy's spot. 
Trying to make pizza in the microwave - spoiler alert: it didn't work well. 
She likes her new digs, plenty of vents to shove Cheerios in
I decided we need one of these wagon wheel chairs for the patio, aren't they cute?? Keep your eyes on the baby, don't focus on the butt crack in the back.  
We're working at an outdoor country music festival for the weekend. She loves the fresh air, music, and people watching.

Took a "train" ride around the grounds. (Everybody look at the camera! Or don't….) 
Where we encountered a T-Rex

We're all having a blast spending time together and doing something different from our usual routine at home. No Target, no Starbucks, no TV, no hustle and bustle and I love it. 

We leave here shortly where our next stop is in somewhere-Minnesota where we'll build sand castles, roast s'mores over a campfire on the beach, rent a paddle boat and grill steaks eating them with paper plates and crappy plastic knives that break when you try to cut with them - real camping style. 

Keep your bug spray and sun block handy! 

PS: Stay tuned because YES there WILL be a Freshly Picked Moccasins giveaway hosted by yours truly very soon! I'm so excited to work with FP, they're truly the best baby shoes. More on that later.

PPS: Most importantly, everyone wish Rich a happy 30th birthday tomorrow!

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  1. She's adorable! But holy buttcrack! You can't NOT look at it! :P


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