Happy 3rd of July: Part Dos

She'd either love the fireworks or she'd cry from the noise, only one way to find out…. 

She loved them! 

 Night time + not ready mom & camera = crappy picture quality. Thanks Afterlight for the assist. 

 The corn dog stand in the background is ours. 

We braced ourselves for her reaction which startled her initially but she quickly pointed to them saying "oooooh!" and trying to grab them. She clapped during the pauses and didn't want to leave even though she was up way past her bed time. 

"I'll Show You" Prize goes to Olivia; there was a guy sitting behind us with a son not much older than Olivia: 

Man: How old is she?
Me: She'll be 1 in one week!
Man: Really??? (As if I was lying)
Me: ….
Man: She should be walking (Ok, Mr. Know-It-All)
Mind you, we were sitting on a blanket on a hill on uneven ground. She was preferring crawling. I would've too Olivia, I would've too.
Me: She walks all the time! She's a pro. 
Man: ….. (As if I was lying)

Olivia then stood up keeping eye contact with the man and started walking toward him.

That's my girl! 

I probably should have grabbed the man's number to give to all of you to ask if your child is hitting milestones on schedule since apparently he knows everything about strangers' babies. 

Dip Shit. 

Well Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go. Have a fun, safe, BBQ, beer, swimming, fireworky, corn-dog filled 4th of July! 


  1. LOLOL!!!! I love it. I absolutely love when those without spouses give advice on spouses, those without kids LOVE giving kid advice, and those without sense have yet to grow. Lol. Great blog.

  2. My baby girl is 16 months and experienced her first official fireworks show this year too. She was tired so she didn't know what to think, but she didn't cry! I was so thrilled :)

    1. Yep Olivia was super tired so I thought for sure she's cry. Thank goodness for happy kids!

  3. our son is 17 months old and we have yet to experience fireworks with him! he's already in bed haha. loving the blog! I'm laughing along side of you :)


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