Happy 3rd of July!

As I mentioned before, our line of work isn't typical of most families which means our summer holidays are nonexistent because we're working events on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. I got used to giving up my summer holidays but now that I have a child I wanted to give her the holiday experience I had growing up. This is also her last first holiday so it's extra special for me.

I know a lot of Mommy-Bloggers have a "holiday eve" trend but I celebrate some holiday eves because, well, I have to. I'm working on the 4th and won't see Olivia all day so ….


Olivia and I hit up Old Navy and bought some duds: 

Similar top
Shorts from Old Navy, no longer available
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: similar

3rd of July treats:

Graham crackers on top and bottom
Mix: 1 cup of cool whip, 1 cup of vanilla greek yogurt and the fruits blended above
Freeze for 4 hours

Homemade whole wheat banana waffles topped with berries and greek yogurt

Store bought mini cupcakes

There is a 4th 3rd of July celebration not too far from our house with live bands, food trucks, inflatables and FIREWORKS! I'm nervous for her first fireworks because she'll either love them and "oooh" along with the crowd or she'll cry and we'll have to pack up swiftly and skidaddle. 

Stay tuned for part II to find out how the fireworks went. Nothing but excitement around here. 

Ta-Ta for now. I'll respond to emails just as soon as I get my laptop back….

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