I got 99 problems and hypothyroidism is 1.

You may (or probably not!) have noticed the lack of Tone It Up posts and recipes lately. No, I didn't give it up, I thought about it multiple times however because for me it just wasn't working. I had no idea why. I thought maybe I was having too many calories? Too much hummus? What was it? I tried and tried and yes, actually a few times I temporarily said F-it and ate whatever I wanted. My body was all nope! and I went back to clean eating. I even had McDonalds for the first time in MONTHS and my body had no clue what to do with that shit. Pretty literally. Sorry.

Why was I not losing weight? Why does eating right and exercising work for everyone but ME? What am I doing wrong?

Why continue when I'm not going to lose anything anyway? I wouldn't let Rich take photos of Olivia and I. I grew to hate the way I look.

I felt tired. I would sleep 9-10 hours a night and would take a nap or two a day and would still have no energy for anything.

My hair was falling out in clumps. Rich mentioned I should go to a doctor but I figured it was just the aftermath of child birth and no longer being on prenatal vitamins.

I would snap at family. I was crabby over the littlest things and a hiccup in anything I had planned would result in a serious overreaction.

I couldn't remember anything. I bailed on plans with friends and family because even though I had it down on my phone's calendar, the family wall calendar and in my personal planner that is always with me, I would forget. I blamed Mom-brain but in reality, that only goes so far. Forgetting milk when you run to the store? Mom-Brain. Forgetting a Dr. appointment when they just called you yesterday to remind you and you set your alarm to wake up in time for it? Not-so-Mom-Brain.

I was freezing. Rich would be in shorts and t-shirts while I was in socks, sweats, a hoodie and wrapped in a blanket. I put Olivia in layers as well because I was sure she was cold too if I was; the poor thing would get sweaty because it was just me that was feeling so chilled.

At a routine check up the doc noticed my thyroid gland was slightly enlarged. She ordered an ultrasound for me and lab work. The ultrasound showed that indeed, my gland was enlarged and the lab work showed that indeed, my numbers were outside the 'normal' ranges. Thank God she checked because honestly, how do you bring up your symptoms when they're "normal" feelings that everyone gets sometimes?

"I'm tired and I forget stuff"
"Yea, you have a baby. Join the I'm tired and forget stuff club"
^ That conversation never happened, it's just how I imagine it would go.

Enter, hypothyroidism.

I was prescribed medication to take daily and after just one day I already felt different. I cleaned the house without feeling like I was going to die. I haven't napped today - yea for productivity! I'm still in sweatshirts and jeans in July but hey, baby steps.

I hope and am sure, this will help with my health issues. Get ready to see more TIU recipes and a more energetic me. I have a recipe for a couscous salad in front of me and am just waiting until I get a chance to run to Trader Joe's for ingredients -- riveting material for the blog, I know.

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  1. I was diagnosed as a kid with Hypothyroidism/Goiter (a disgusting word for a swollen lump on the front of the neck as a result of hypoT - fun.) Apparently after like a year on the meds it "corrected itself" according to the specialist. Well I still have that ugly lump and all the symptoms you described but every blood test during my latest pregnancy came back normal. The problem is general practitioners' scale of normal is a lot broader than most specialists. I'm thinking I should get a referral to a specialist. I have been experiencing these symptoms again and my baby girl is 17 months! Bah.

    Hope the meds help you feel better! Also iodized salt is supposed to be good. The HypoT body lacks iodine. Too much insulin resulting in too little iodine? Something like that lol.


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