Maternity Style

I'm one of those that loves maternity clothes; stretchy, loose, flowy, sign me up. I honestly can't wait until I get a bump again and have an excuse to go shopping. Last pregnancy I was huge in summer, this time I'll be huge in the winter so it's kind of like I have to go shopping since the sizes and seasons are all off. Can you tell I'm just making excuses? 

#1 I actually need this sweater, it just looks so comfortable and something I would continue wearing after birth.
#2 Sometimes when wearing just a plain tee and jeans with a huge belly you just feel kind of large and exposed. My solution- throw a scarf on. Pair it up with some tall boots and loose curls- perfection.
#3 I have these from my last pregnancy and cannot say enough good things about these Gap Super Soft Maternity Leggings. If I had 7 pairs I'd wear them daily.
#4 Thanksgiving dress??
#5 Another shirt I'd keep wearing while not-pregnant. I like that it drapes off the shoulder.
#6 I'm trying to avoid stripes but the little at the bottom, we're good..
#7 Necessary. All midwest girls have at least 10 hoodies in their closet.
#8 Christmas Dress?? Pair with some nude flats and how Princess Kate would I look in this?

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