Olivia's Mickey Birthday Party

First off, I got an email today from Parenting.Com letting me know my blog was featured on their weekly mommy blog roundup! You can read all about it here! That's way exciting! I also kind of giggled that the photo they chose is the buttcrack pic.

For those of you who have followed along for a while now you’ll know that I’ve been planning Olivia’s birthday party for months now. Details on DIY, where to buy and more can be found here here and here.

Olivia is a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan so we knew the theme right away for her big day. When she was 6 or 7 months old the only thing that would quiet down a meltdown was playing the ‘Hot Dog Song’ on our phone for her; it must work for many other children too because there’s a video on YouTube which plays it on repeat for one hour. Yes, we’ve used it at our most desperate moments.

Totally off topic but get ready to get your mind blown, unless you're not technologically behind like I. So you found a video on YouTube and you want it to play on repeat but don't want to keep hitting play over and over, right? 

Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCjJyiqpAuU (O loves this one)

Add the word REPEAT between the e and the . 

So it looks like this: 


Tada! Now it will play over and over again. 

Back to the party!

Décor: The theme was more Mickey than Clubhouse so lots of black, red, white and yellow with polka dots.
The outside tables were covered with red and white polka dot covers.
I wrapped the back wall of our dining room in black and white polka dot wrapping paper for a cheap but cute backdrop.
There was a basket by the front door with hand made mouse ears for guests to wear.
“Welcome to Olivia’s Clubhouse” chalkboard sign by me.
Olivia’s stats chalkboard done by my talented friend, Jamie.
There were Disney quotes scattered on the tables for guests to play “Name that Movie”.

·      Hot Diggity Dogs set up in a create-your-own dog bar style with ketchup, mustard, relish, jalapenos, onions, chili, & cheese
·      Pluto’s Punch (orange & pineapple juice, Fresca and lemonade served in red solo cups with 2 white “buttons” hot glued on the cups)
·      Minnie Burgers topped with cheese cut in Mickey shapes
·      Figaro’s Fruit with Mickey Mouse shaped watermelon
·      Daisy’s Veggies
·      Mickey’s Trail Mix (raisins, peanuts, chocolate covered peanuts and red, yellow & brown M&Ms)
·      Donald’s Desserts (cake, cookies, cupcakes, smash cake, custom kisses)
·      Chip & Dale’s chips
·      Goofy’s Silly Sloppy Joes
·      Pete’s Popcorn
·      Toodles Noodles

Activities: We ate and sang happy birthday with cake. Olivia was given her smash cake but she doesn’t like getting dirty so she barely touched it then held her hands up whining for us to take it away and wipe her down. She shared a slice of cake with me carefully taking clean bites.
We had a water station and a sand station which at this point are probably both just a mix of sand and water all together.  
We swam and jumped in her new bounce house, which I was thankfully wrong in thinking she would be too scared to do. She loved being bounced around and giggled away when Rich would ‘popcorn’ her in the air.

I'm still kicking myself for completely forgetting to put her Minnie Mouse crown from Little Blue Olive on! I was dressing her in the morning and threw this giant pink headband on her because her head was missing something. Duh her crown…. I don't like big gaudy bows on babies (subtle is more my style) but this one matched her outfit so, so be it. 

Birthday Time Capsule: I put this on Pinterest already. You can follow me here. I set out a box and some blank cards for our friends and family to have the option to write a note to Olivia to be read by her in 20 years. The note could be a memory they had at her birthday, a wish for her in the future, a joke, anything. I sealed the box and won’t give it to Olivia until 2034, her 21st birthday. Included is/are:
·      Her candle she I blew out
·      Invitation to her party
·      All her birthday cards
·      Her notes from her friends and family
·      Newspaper from that day
·      Photos
·      The wooden letters I made Mickey style in her name

We kept the party to around 2 or 3 hours because the attention span and crankiness of a 1-year old is unpredictable. She had a total blast and so did our friends and family; that’s what matters most and made all the work put into the party so worth it.  

As I mentioned before, her actual birthday is Wednesday, July 9th and we’re celebrating with a Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway! Come back and enter for your chance to win!

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