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PJs, Jammies, Jam Jams, P's, we have tons of names for our favorite garb. If I have no plans to leave the house for the day chances are both Olivia and I will be in our loungewear all day. Hell, even if we do go somewhere I'll keep my yoga pants and VS Sweatshirt on. 

I think it wasn't until Olivia was 7 weeks old that I finally put on something semi-public friendly. 

Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up and looking nice but there's just something so nice about being cozy and lazy all day. 

I said it before that I hate those one piece footed jammies that snap up past the age of like, 2 months. Trying to quietly change a diaper in the middle of the night while correctly snapping 17 snaps is as close to impossible as one can get. We always preferred the zip up footie jams. Problem? Zip up jams past size 9 months are tough to find. I moved Olivia into 2 piece duds and am pretty obsessed with buying her new pajamas now.

Some of our favorites:


By far my favorite have to be Gap pajamas for kids. They're just sooo soft. When I saw the milk and cookies outfit online I knew she had to have it. Lucky for you it's now on sale! She usually alternates between this set and #2, from Old Navy (also now on sale!)

#6 is for the moms. I need a pair of real pajamas and already ordered these for myself. They should be a more put together look than my usual tshirt and men's boxers.

True story: Rich just came home from work and he went shopping as well today. He bought me a pair of cozy gray sweatpants- 10+ points for you, husband. 

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  1. My comments aren't showing up! But I saw this as I had my cart full. A few more PJs might have slipped their way in! :) Thanks for the info!


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