Well well well, what do we have here? BABY #2 DUE JANUARY 2015!!!

Just like the title says: Baby O'Neil #2 will be arriving January 2015! Olivia is going to be the best big sister and I can't wait to see her with her little brother or sister. I'm feeling incredibly blessed and a tad nervous for becoming a mom of 'Two Under Two'.

Finding Out:

On Sunday, May 25th I took a test in the morning because I just had that feeling. As the first pink line appeared I sat there staring at the test thinking…

Oh My God is that another line forming?

No, I'm seeing things. That's not a line, I'm just sleepy. It's not. 


Hang On… that's a line… is it? No it's not.

( The faint pink line suddenly got darker and darker and obvious as hell) 

Holy shit it's positive!!

I woke Rich up and showed him the test. "What's that mean?" he asked. 
T: Why would I show you a negative test? 
X's and O's all around. 
(I'll spare you the picture proof of the positive pee stick.)

Hiding It: 

Just like with Olivia, the first person to find out after Rich was Jamie, my BFFFL. (Too many F's??) Hiding the pregnancy while around friends and family was tough initially because it was Memorial weekend and everyone and their cats were drinking. My trick: Hold a glass of wine. Just hold it. Nobody notices that you aren't drinking it. I even went as far as when nobody was looking I literally threw the wine behind me off the deck. Nobody saw! Ta-Dahh wine gone. I then said I was driving so no more for me. 

At Rich's surprise birthday party I filled the bartender in on my situation and that no matter what anyone orders me, if they did, to make it non-alcoholic. I had myself, Rich, Jamie, or her husband "get me a drink" since we were the only 4 who knew. I had club soda with a lime wedge in it and nobody knew it was lacking (some much wished for) vodka. Toss a lime into any drink and it looks alcoholic. 

Did you know they make NA wine? They do. Don't waste your money, it tastes exactly like NA wine. 

Faking being sick never worked for me. It's like I have a giant PREGNANT stamp on my forehead. This time however, I don't have to fake being sick. Morning sickness all over the place. I had been avoiding friends because the sickness would hit me anywhere, anytime and there would be no way to talk myself out of that one. Que the song by Disturbed: Down With The Sickness. 


I'm calling it now, this one is a boy. I'm basing that solely off the fact that this pregnancy is so different from my first. I'm always sore, always crabby, always sick and ALWAYS tired. I was rinsing egg yolk off a plate to put it in the dishwasher and *hurl*. I smelled coffee and *ralph*. The smell of the dog's food- oh Lord don't even get me started….

Edit: The feelings I was having turned out to be hypoT. I was diagnosed at 10.5 weeks. I've been writing this post for a few weeks now.

With Olivia I never got sick, felt great all the time and wasn't sleepy. Why couldn't these two pregnancies be reversed? Last time I didn't have a one year old to chase after all day.

Rich is almost positive this is a boy. He said he's willing to even go out and buy all blue stuff. I'm not so ready. In all honesty I am excited for either a boy or a girl. A boy would be great because we don't have one. A girl would be great because I want Olivia to have a sister. I grew up with brothers and Rich only has a brother so neither of us have that 'sister' experience. I know people say this all the time but I mean it when I say I'll truly be happy with boy or girl.

We won't be finding out the sex until s/he is born! Team Green!

The not-so-wonderful part of this pregnancy is having to give myself a Lovenox injection in the abdomen once a day because of a prior Pulmonary Embolism. I'm just the vision of health over here.


Last pregnancy I took selfies in the bathroom and tracked each week with the standard pregnancy questions you can find anywhere on Pinterest, Facebook, or any pregnant gal's blog. This round I'm tracking like this: 

Next photo will be sans stripes, apparently I don't have any other pattern in my closet. 
I made a 5 week photo in the same style but it was deleted somehow (Olivia…) and I never got it back. I could've just done another photo at 9 weeks and pretended since I look the same but I just couldn't live with that lie. Don't even start with me on the fact that you can see my shadow selfie in this, I never claimed to be good at photoshop. I barely know how to open it on the desktop.

Edit: Yes, it appears I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks but truthfully I estimated at 9 weeks and during my 11 week appointment the 12 pound loss is from the beginning of the pregnancy and verified at my doctor's office. She's not too concerned at this point but we're keeping an eye on it.

Tracking while we were on the road 

Wish me luck in the next 27+ weeks!


  1. The smell of dog food was absolutely the worst thing ever! I still can't feed Ted without holding my breath.

  2. Congratulations!! So exciting!! I came to check your blog and saw maternity clothes and thought I was in the wrong place. Then I scrolled down! :)


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