24 Hours Without A Phone

Not by choice either. Don't think for a second I was trying to prove any sort of point of how people can/should function without social media- no, not that at all. Remember when I dropped my phone in the fryer? My face looked sort of like this:  

My hands were pretty similar as well. Life. Ruined. I actually Googled "phone in deep fryer" and (shockingly) no one else had that same problem. 

Long story short, I bought a phone so I'd have a camera, Facebook, and Instagram. I don't call people with it, in fact I rarely text. This thing that's become an extension of my hand is basically my second child, or would it be third? Either way, it's pretty important. 

Fast forward to a couple days later when I let Rich know I bought a new phone: 

"Why would I not?"
"I hope you didn't pay full price"
"I have an extra phone you just have to wait until I get home though"

Do you have any idea how drawn out time becomes phone-less?

So I did the grown-up thing and waited until the very last second to return the phone so I wouldn't have to go THAT long without one. I returned the phone to the store to a very nice saleswoman who I was secretly hoping would tell me that for some reason it was nonrefundable. Unfortunately she did exactly what I asked her to do and I walked out of the store phone-less with my head hanging.

Some things that happened on my phone abstinence:

1. Olivia laughed when she let one rip and I didn't capture it in video.
2. I missed my meds by one hour because I didn't have an alarm to remind me of my responsibilities.
3. I had to check Facebook and Instagram on an actual computer like a caveman.
4. I lost my Candy Crush progress because I didn't sync it to my iPad. 
5. I didn't get 5% off my bananas at Target because I didn't have Cartwheel with me. 
6. An entire day of Olivia's life went undocumented and she could enjoy playtime without a phone shoved in her face.
7. I had to actually reach over and plug in the actual baby monitor because I didn't have the DropCam app on my phone anymore.
8. I didn't check or respond to emails because I didn't have a little red circle over a blue envelope staring at me 2,486 times a day. 
9. If someone pinned my pin….. I didn't know about it.
10. I peed a little bit when I sneezed and didn't have a phone to text my friend to tell her.
11. I needed directions to my Dr. office and didn't have Google Maps to talk me through getting there so I had to go to Mapquest and WRITE DOWN the directions. Terrible. 

Never again …

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  1. Well, a mobile phone is an amazing extension of ourselves. It has diverse features that no other device can manage to accomplish, so I completely understand your frustration when you had to spend a whole day without yours. I feel like I would be as frustrated as you if I had to lose my phone to a deep fryer, Teri. I hope you've managed to get your hands on a temporary phone. All the best to you! :)

    Erik Barker @ Cell Phone Repair


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