Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

Our home is serious about football and every Sunday means we have a slew of guys show up at 11am with a 6-pack and tacos, pizza, white castle, the works. Most still in their jammies with a jersey thrown over their sweats. They walk straight into the man cave like zombies and don't return until around 6pm when they head home for the night game. They only emerge from the cave to get a beer or say Hi once in awhile to get the blood flowing back to their legs after long hours of screaming at the tv. Honestly… I love it. Sundays with a group of guys in the basement cheering means home. It sounds crazy I know, but I love it almost as much as my husband. The funny part is we never know who's coming over, they just show up knowing they're welcome to kick back, drink, yell, and eat for 7+ hours. 

Why my house? Because my obsessive husband has not only a giant 9' (not kidding) screen but we have basically a shrine to the Vikings featuring our collection over the years of players' autographs. One time I jumped out of our moving car because I saw Pat and Kevin Williams and needed to get their autograph. Mission accomplished. 

Super Bowl Sunday is no joke. Every year since 2007 we've thrown a huge Super Bowl Party and this year is the first year we're unsure of because I'm due January 30th--- 2 days before the Super Bowl. Rich already said he's just going to have a crock pot of chili cheese dip in the waiting room with a cooler full of Coors Light. Kidding… I hope. I would honestly not be surprised if I gave birth on Sunday, February 1st, 2015. 
Here is our party from last year and here is the Super Bowl drinking game I made last year that was pinned on Pinterest 234,455,232,116 times. Way cool. If we do end up throwing a SB party this year it will surely be very lackluster. 

What inspired this post? Receiving this headband today! I thought the football would be bigger in person and almost be too big for her head but turns out the football is the perfect size! The sequins don't itch her either like I worried. How cute is this seriously? 

Here are some of our favorites and a few of our wish-list items for this football season: 

Essie Nail polish in 'Golden Nugget' and 'Sexy Divide'

My super unhealthy but super yummy and way too easy taco dip recipe I make for every party:

16 oz. (2 bricks) of cream cheese
16 oz. of sour cream
2.5 packets of taco seasoning (I sometimes add more to taste)

*Blend together with a hand mixer*
Spread onto a pan
Top with lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives, cheese, etc. 
This stuff is like crack and is gobbled up in no time, every time. 

Here's hoping your team makes it to the playoffs, but only if your team is the Vikings!

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