Goodbye Summer

Don't let the door hit on you on the ass on the way out! 

Summer is not my favorite season. It's right up there with winter. Only because we're SO BUSY and it's just so damn hot. Sure I love swimming and sunshine and all that but I don't get to enjoy it as much as I used to so give me Fall and Spring any day of the week.

Fall = Halloween, no more work, cooler weather, hoodies, bonfires, apple spiced everything (not a fan of PSLs- I know, take my woman card away now), jeans (not a fan of shorts), s'mores, Oktoberfest which I sadly can't enjoy this year, dark nail polish, football, and much more. 

In trying to be optimistic I thought I'd share my favorite parts of this summer. Click on the bold headings to read more: 

Mickey themed that I had been planning since she was only 6 months old. What I didn't plan on was having a baby that didn't enjoy getting dirty so smash cake there was not. More like 'Dabble Cake' or 'Hate It Cake'. 

2. Family Vacation in the RV

and getting the blog blogged about on from the post. It's almost like I'm famous. Almost...
My skin looks photoshopped I love it (I swear it's not)

3. Lots of swimming, or I suppose just 'floating'

4. Rich's Surprise Dirty 30 Roast

For the newbies, my love of party planning is a tad over the top. I had planned a surprise party for Rich's 30th birthday this past June and not only was it a surprise party, but a roast from his nearest and dearest. Get it? Dirty 30- all the "dirt" on Rich??? Anyway… One of the funniest nights ever.

5. My mom-only vacation without my husband or kid in Tampa, Nashville, and almost-Milwaukee

6. Finally, Finding out we're pregnant! This by far has been the greatest surprise of the summer/year.

I guess summer's not so bad after all……

Here's to a billion more memories and fun times for Fall. 

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