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Also known as: I'm busy or Not Much Has Been Going On or I'm Awful At Blogging

We got home Monday and have been living without Rich for the past week. Lots of FaceTime, photos, videos and text messages filled with sad faces. It sucks being away from him and I know it's even harder for him. Today Olivia was walking around with a picture of her and Rich and was holding it tight and occasionally kissing it. My pregnancy hormones can hardly take the cuteness.

We did get a beautiful surprise on Tuesday for Olivia and I from Daddy telling us how much he misses us. Que the 'awwwwws!' 

How is Olivia with road trips you ask? Short answer: not great.

Living without Rich means the house has never looked better only because I need to occupy myself at all times with things to do or I'll count the hours until he's home. It also means I can rearrange and redecorate without his opinion butting in and telling me 'no' to new throw pillows. 
How cute are these?

Living without Rich also means I've become paranoid, slightly a ninja, and Kevin from Home Alone with my boobie traps. I have my routine at night to keep burglars and murderers away including but not limited to closing all the baby gates up and down all the stairs because I figure, if 90% of our guests that come over can't figure out the baby gates then neither will a kidnapper or it'll at least buy me time to find a weapon and hide. 

Not being at the fair means I can finally get back to healthy eating. I honestly hate fair foods and have very limited options when I'm out there 14+ hours a day 10-12 days at a time. I made my all time favorite Tone It Up recipe: Power Packed Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa, black beans, avocado, salsa, and spices to taste including chili powder, cumin, sea salt and black pepper. It's the easiest and yummiest meal to make great for M5. 

Tonight: Fajita Friday! 

Yesterday we went to the Taste of the Fair event held the week before the first day of the Minnesota State Fair. The first thing on my list every year is to find mine and Rich's bench we had made in 2011: 

There's food, drinks, a band, silent auction, dancing, wine pull, beer pull, midway games and much more. Tons o fun especially for the little one: 
Care to dance?  
No thanks. 
I have serious fall fever going on. Fall means our season is over so it's extra super exciting to me. The best months of the whole year are October, November, and December (in that order). I already have plans to go to a pumpkin patch, go apple picking, make apple cider, buy lots of Halloween decorations and light our house up in black and purple lights for the trick o treaters. We've had our group Halloween costume planned with my best friend and her family for months now- it'll be epic and everyone, including the dog, will be involved. Stay tuned….

TaTa for now. Thanks for the input on the new blog name - NOT! Not a single suggestion. Thanks guys. Don't worry, I'm not mad. Still changing the name, still not sure what to. 

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