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Currently on the road and will be for another week or so. Had to say goodbye to Rich for the next 2.5 weeks while he is off to the Illinois State Fair. I'm busy working all day 'err day in Wisconsin which means 0 updating on this. Heart's broken, I know….

Here's some quick what's-going-ons:

14 weeks. Finally a little actual bump. Wow, I need to clean the mirror in here. 

The bump has a bit of a mind of its own, here we are at my brother's wedding last week after a ginormous lunch and a tight dress.  Dress found here. When I woke up in the morning it was gone. 
2. I should write a book on where and how to find healthy foods at the fair. I won't. But I should. I've been doing this for years and I don't eat corn dogs, mini donuts, cheese curds, on-a-stick, wrapped-in-bacon, etc. I just don't like them. At any fairgrounds I can find a salad or a healthy alternative, it's like a useless (unless you're me) talent. I will not, however, turn down a pizza: 
Add this to the currently craving list along with grilled cheese, cereal, OJ, and pickles. 

3. Olivia is having fun at the fair almost everyday while Mama works. She's into the mascots until she's right next to them: 
The Wilderness Resort at the Dells, I found our next vacation spot! 
Everybody say: We hate this! Cream Puffs are huge out here. We bought Olivia one but she didn't like it. I think it's her "I won't get my hands dirty" thing. 
4. I bought this shirt

5. After lots of debating I've decided to change the blog name. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I just don't like the name anymore. Pretty much over it. I have ZERO clue what to rename it though. Any tips or ideas would be super appreciated! 

6. I just ordered yet another pair of Freshly Picked Moccs. Sigh- I haven't bought MYSELF a pair of shoes in so long and Olivia's shoe closet is booming. The Platinum in size 4 are finally back in stock so I kinda had to…?? 
Dear Husband, 
This will be it for awhile. I don't fully know how long 'awhile' is though.
Ps: We're out of pickles again. 

Next update - whenever that is - will be much more organized and pretty - I hope. 

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