Take Your Daughter To Work Day

I took the day off today to enjoy the fair with Olivia and to give our nanny a break. The hours are long for everyone here and we needed to shake up our routine. We set off for our day at the fair at 8:30am and lasted a whole 4 hours. I didn't want her outside for the hot afternoon sun so this was perfect timing. 

We contemplated going down the Giant Slide (the one where you walk up 1,000 steps and slide down on a potato sack) but I figured she was too little and remembered I was pregnant so - next year! 

We checked out the animals where everything was a "dog"
A pink "dog" that oinks

A "dog" with wool

Hey look at that "dog" 

A big "dog"

Finally, a "dog" with a 'bankie' on it
We stopped in all the animal barns but only lasted about 2.5 minutes in the swine barn because I was ready to hurl on all the "dogs". 

In the poultry barn I had to hide my terror of birds so Olivia could see her favorite animal, the duck. Yes, a duck. Everything is a 'dog' except when it's a duck. 

I hate hate hate geese, chickens, turkeys, etc. They scare the shit out of me for no good reason. I have no desire to be around them but I won't let Olivia see that I'm scared of them because I don't want her to grow up scared of them either. I don't understand why people want to look at turkeys and chicken unless they're shopping in a grocery store. They're ugly and they're assholes but I kept that to myself as I quickly strolled her past them (far - far - far from their cages). 

When I was about 6 or 7 I was visiting my Grandma up north where someone's chickens just had babies and I was told I could name them and they were my chickens (of course I know now that they weren't really mine and chicken-owner was just being nice). I wasn't scared of them then (not sure what happened since then) and I carried them around in an apron and named them DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner. 

We grabbed a bite and went to the Midway for some rides. 

Unfortunately there was only 1 ride her and I could go on safely together so our Midway time was short-lived. Most of the rides wouldn't allow her on even with a parent and the others were too bouncy for me to attempt. We settled on the train ride and she "loved" it


We walked around and stopped to listen to a family band who were actually really good! It's a Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter group and you wouldn't believe they were singing live unless you saw them. Olivia finally cracked her first smile of the day and danced and clapped along to 'Wagon Wheel' by Darius Rucker. My girl is a country music lover because on our way out she danced along to 'Little White Church' by Little Big Town. 

When we finally got back to our RV she was already passed out cold from all our fun. Depending on the crowd we may head back out there tonight for some much craved for pickles. 
I wonder what she's dreaming of…. 
Almost forgot, I unfortunately had to buy a new phone in the middle of the fair because on Monday I did the worst thing in the whole wide world and dropped it in the deep fryer! I cried because I thought I lost all my pictures forever. I am very much technologically behind and didn't know anything about the cloud. Thank God everything magically appeared on my iPad after some clicking around. There was no saving my iPhone that I. JUST. BOUGHT. 3 or 4 months ago nor could I save the phone case I just bought only a few hours prior to the deep fryer incident. There is NO life proof when you drop it in 400 degree grease. This is why I can't have nice things.


  1. Finally catching up on your blog, and I know you've moved, but wanted to say that this was hysterical! Sorry about your phone, but it's proof that they'll deep fry anything at the fair!

    1. Thanks Kelley! I've moved but keep going back and forth on whether or not to come back to SMD.... Who knows?! Guess I'll just have two blahhgs.


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