Damn Internet

Sometimes when I'm working there can be a lot of down time which means lots of internetting < new word and time wasting. I thought I'd share some of my new favorites I found on the interwebs so you too can put work and general household chores off. 


This site has the weirdest items for sale; some items in my virtual cart:
A tortilla blanket! Bonus: when the baby gets shit stains on it you won't even be able to tell
This pizza cutter
This paperweight

Specifically the communities. More specifically, the bargain hunters board. I've spent some time on my baby birth board but only stick around for the WTF threads. I don't care to read or respond to the 2,523rd post asking if a cup of coffee is okay to drink while pregnant. (Answer: yes)
The BHB board is like a real-time episode of Maury or Jerry Springer at times. I'm a lurker, not a poster.


A mommy blog without the 'Oh My God Our Lives Are So Perfect' fluff. Her kids are hilarious and she tells it like it is with yes, crappy pictures. Ex: 


Celebrity gossip! I read this mainly for the sassy comments. I'm not a member, I actually tried to be once but was denied- huh!? I guess you have to be an active LJ'er which I am not. Eh well, guess that means just more time to get stuff done- or more time to cruise other sites. 


Suri's Burn Book is a parody written by 'Suri Cruise' about celebrity kids that disappoint her. 

"Christina Aguilera gave birth over the weekend to a baby girl named Summer Rain. It’s not the worst name I’ve ever heard, but it’s not great, either. At least Summer is a real name, and not a random color or a piece of fruit or an intercardinal direction.
(Yeah, I’m still not over the fact that they named that child North West.)"


For a good chuckle. 

I apologize in advance for the lack of productivity you may experience because of this post. Just writing this post makes me feel like I need to go wash the baseboards, sew a dress, cook a meal or something. 

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