Hi my name is Teri, I'm (just about) 30, and I will soon own a mini van. No shame.

This week brings us to Oklahoma City! Home of Kristin Chenoweth, Toby Keith's Bar, The Oklahoma City Thunder and heat, heat, holy-balls-heat! Our midwest blood isn't used to this kind of heat and sun especially in September. So ready to head north for some cooler weather. 

I finally got a new phone which means a new camera which means I'm back to 'Gramming! Yay! I had no idea how addicted I was to Instagram until I could no longer show everyone how cute my kid is or what I had for lunch. Kidding, half kidding.

Rich and I began our minivan shopping; we thought it would be between two (Dodge Caravan or the Chrysler Town and Country) but it's now between about 5. My favorite: The Toyota Sienna XLE fully loaded, the Acadia Crossover or the Town & Country. 
We considered the T&C because of its features, we considered the Dodge only because we'd be able to pay it off immediately and not deal with car payments. I'm all about safety and would like the extra features for convenience for our family. 

I want something that is easy for me to get two kids, groceries, car seats, strollers, purses, diaper bags, etc. in and out with minimal work and cursing. 

Because while I would like to think I look this fabulous while juggling my offspring around:

The truth is I look more like: 

Which is a lie because come on, she is clearly showered and had a chance to run a comb through her hair. Nice try.

I decided I need the push-start option because 9/10 I can't find my keys in my purse. Having the push start means I won't need to look for them. 

Need: AWD. We basically live in the North Pole and I'd rather not slide into the car in front of me.

Leather is a must because it's easier to clean stains than cloth. Ask my Mazda with it's black cloth covered in milk and apple juice stains, crushed cookies and bananas and thousands of small dog hairs everywhere. Gross.

A DVD player for the kids is a must considering the countless road trips we take every year. 

I want white with cream leather because "it would match my phone and purse and majority of my clothes are black and white", yes I actually said that. Rich vetoed the white because "if I have to drive a mini van I'd rather not feel like such a woman in it." 

Rich: This one only goes up to 115 miles per hour so, no.
Teri: ……
(I swear, and hope, he was kidding)

Anyhoo whatever we get I'm sure will be an improvement for our family rather than the tiny car I have now that fits next to nothing. 

No mommy-blog post would be complete without an unnecessary amount of pictures of my adorable child so here ya' go: some Oklahoma fun: 

Visiting the butterfly house. Two landed on her and she was less than thrilled. She tried hiding under the chair from them. One landed on by her foot and she tried kicking it. 

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