Life Lately: Kansas Style

As you may know we live on the road a few months a year and this week brings us to Kansas. We're here for another few days until we move even more south for another few weeks. 

It was brutally hot the first few days then out of nowhere the brisk cold hit us keeping us cooped up inside giving Olivia a slight cold making this paranoid mama immediately thinking she has Enterovirus D68; all is well so far I'm just fantastic at turning an anthill into a mountain, or however that old saying goes. 

The Kansas State Fair is nothing like Minnesota's. We've now seen all the animals quite a few times so we've pretty much run out of things to do when you have a little one that's too small for rides. 

Checking out the sheep in her sheep hat

Sidebar: My photos have been extra shitty because I have a faulty phone and no time on my hands to get a new one. By this time next week my photos will be more frame-worthy than they have been as of late. 

I took her to the petting zoo because she loves animals. She needs to work on how to control her excitement because our dog can tell you firsthand, she can get rough when she gets excited. I turned my back for .4 seconds while we were petting the goats and when I looked over, Olivia was holding a little 2 pound baby goat up in the air by it's ear! "Put that goat down!" isn't something I thought I'd yell in my lifetime. I'm just forever grateful mama-goat didn't buck her over. 

We got our caricature done:

And saw what was supposed to be a corn dog looking a little….. 

well, Rich's text says it all: 

We've been listening to a LOT of 'All About That Bass'. A. Lot. It has quickly become Olivia's favorite song to the point where she'll cry if she sees the laptop or a phone that isn't playing her song. We've resorted to playing it when the tears are flowing and she will stop mid scream to smile and start dancing. What once was adorable is now bordering annoying. 

I can shake it, shake it like I'm supposed to do. 
Lots of Frozen: 

Again, the phone thing… it's driving me nuts too. I'm getting my beloved iPhone 5S back asap. 

Lots of selfies to Daddy and Grandpa: 

Lots of laundry done at the cleaners that we pick up in boxes: 

"Yes, we need a mini van" Rich said as he tried squeezing into the Mazda with our weeks worth of laundry. 
Watching the midway lights and sounds and listening to the Grandstand. God I love those two. 

As always, thanks for reading :) 

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