Pregnancy #1 vs. Pregnancy #2

We're halfway there with baby #dos and I used my terrible photo collage skills to put two pics together of my pregnancy with Olivia at 19 weeks (left) and my pregnancy today. In B&W because my RV house is a mess and messes look better with a filter. Plus it's a no-makeup day and I didn't want to prove that. 

This round is going by so much quicker because I'm much busier and I'm not obsessively stalking Baby Center, The Bump, Babble, etc. to make sure everything is normal. The first time around I Googled and purchased a fetal doppler to listen to make sure everything is okay every other day. It's not that I'm not excited this round, I SO am, I just am not as… insane?? as last time. 

1. Did every old wives tales including the Draino test, the ring test, made a chart of symptoms, went insane until February to find out at our huge gender reveal party.
2. Not finding out until baby's birth day. My guess changes daily. Today I think girl?? 

1. No caesar salad, no tuna, no deli sandwiches, no bleu cheese, very insane.
2. Nachos topped with Oreos topped with mustard inside a taco wrapped in pizza. 

1. Every other week I spammed my Facebook with the typical pregnancy questions nobody cares about (is my belly button in or out?, stretch marks?)
2. I only know how far along I am when I get an email update from Baby Center letting me know. The other day I literally said, "Holy shit I'm already 19 weeks?"

1. "I can't HELP it! My hormones are taking over! Why can't you just understand!?"
2. "Sorry I was such a bitch the other day, I don't know what's going on. Er wait, pregnant. Forgot."

1. Tracked the gain to the ounce and obsessed over keeping it healthy. In the end I gained 50+ pounds.
2. Haven't weighed myself in a few weeks but am not even showing yet.

1. Excited
2. Excited

Only 20ish weeks until we meet our new little one. I am excited and anxious to find out if this is a boy or a girl. Not so excited that I have to have a list of boy names and a list of girl names. Olivia didn't have a name until she was 12+ hours old because I was still so indecisive even knowing the gender going into delivery. Hopefully this kid makes it out of the hospital with a definite name.

Ps: Congrats to Wills & Princess Kate on their baby number 2! Her and I were pregnant at the same time last round too, both due in July.
PPS: What a copycat…
PPPS: I'm gonna need her hairstylist's phone number. 

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