The Name Game


I think I've cut it down to the final 10 names. Chances are the baby will have one of these names. Or maybe Vancouver Grizzlies O'Neil.

Makayla: Rich's favorite. 
Harper: A name I really like but is getting very popular. I got the name out of my head but then I saw a little girl at Chilis on our road trip named Harper who was just too cute. 
Teagan: A name I heard many years ago and swore I'd always have a little girl named Teagan. Olivia was almost a Teegs.
Hazel: Darn 'The Fault In Our Stars' for stealing: Hazel Grace from me…. 

Lucas: A name we both like
Liam: My choice
Carter: His choice
Maxwell: I always said I'd have a little boy named Max. 

Opinions welcome! 


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  2. I almost named my daughter Makala, but my husband changed his mind about it last minute. I also really like Teagan. For a boy, I definitely LOVE Lucas. It's my maiden name and it's so cute!


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