26 Weeks: Scallion & my toddler making fun of how I walk at 6 months pregnant

It's been a few (10) weeks since I've done a bump date. I should also add, the banner can be purchased on Etsy at Simply Scissors. Check out her shop, very cute stuff! 

Baby O still has no name. If it's a girl I have it down to 2 or 3 names. If it's a boy, he's just going to be nameless for the first few months of his life. I just cannot decide on a boy name. 

Maternity clothes with lots of stretch are 100% my wardrobe these days. The bump is here to stay!

We ask Olivia, "Where's baby?" and she points to my belly. My heart melts when she kisses my stomach to "kiss the baby". 

Last night Olivia started imitating how I walk. I couldn't stop LOL'ing: 

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