30 (un)interesting things about me

Surprisingly I'm not Über depressed about turning 30. Though I haven't accomplished all that I'd like to have done by 30 (who has though?) I'm happy with everything and where it's all falling into place. 

Following a blogging trend because my new-idea-part-of-my-brain doesn't work; I decided to a do '30 about me' because I like reading about other bloggers' fun facts. 
I'll try to keep it fun and interesting and not just "I love fall and the smell of clean sheets!" 
Cli to the che. 

1.  My wrists are ridiculously tiny. I can't wear bracelets or watches because they all fall right off me. #TheStruggleIsReal

2. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. As a high school senior I thought about becoming an accountant, human resources manager, cosmetologist, fitness & nutrition major, photographer, nurse, drug & alcohol counselor, the list goes on and on. If I had unlimited time and resources I'd continue going to school forever and learn it all. 

3. The only thing I'm "OCD" about is my closet. Every hanger is the same color (black) and facing the same way. It will drive me up the wall if a hanger is pointing outwards rather than towards the wall. 

4. For about the first 28 years of my life I thought the words to "Little Red Corvette" by Prince were "Lead The Way Corey". I thought the song was about him telling a guy named Corey to lead the way. No joke. Corey is sung Co-Ray. 

5. I misspelled my middle name for many years, until I was about 11 to be exact. It's Madelyn, not Madeline. 

6. I used to sleepwalk as a kid. 

7. My posture sucks because I was always the tall one in a sea of short people. Now everyone's caught up to me and I haven't corrected my back yet. 

8. I have an irrational fear of birds. No, No, No, just no. I hate them, I don't need to be around them, they're mean looking, just no. Moving on.

9. I can't cook, braid hair, sew, contour makeup, put together an outfit without Pinterest or a mannequin, paint my nails, decorate interiors well, or properly do crafts. Here's my woman card… 

10. I am good at math and actually loved solving big long problems. 

11. I can be so shy that it comes off as bitchy. I'm also very awkward at times and say things sometimes super inappropriate and ruin first impressions. Think, Kristen Stewart-awkward. Yes, that bad. 

12. I've never had a bloody nose.

13. I still don't understand Twitter.

14. I spend more time and money on my eyebrows than my hair on my head. I can go makeup free but only if my skin and brows look good.

15. I hate talking on the phone. I prefer texting 100% of the time over calls.

16. Having kids has always been my dream. Having a little girl was always my ultimate dream. Olivia is literally my dream come true.

17. If I could, I would have 4 or 5 kids. Each pregnancy I have to give myself Lovenox injections daily in the stomach which isn't the most fun so I think we'll stop at 2 (maybe 3…)

18. Pre-kids I never liked red wine or dark beer. After Olivia my tastes totally changed and those are two of my jams now. Come on January……..!

19. I have no relationship with my mom. I don't even know if she knows about Olivia, or even Rich. We'll save that story for another time- or never.

20. Growing up I wanted a golden retriever so bad. I would dramatically cry while reading the classified section in the paper with puppies for sale right in front of my dad. Never got my dog…

21. I grew up Roman Catholic and went to mass every Sunday at the butt-crack of dawn. Mass was in Latin and I had no idea what was going on other than I wanted to go back to sleep and get a donut after church.

22. Is it donut or doughnut?

23. Party planning and themes are everything. At any given time I'm planning out a party or two for the future. Pre-kids and my carnival life I worked in sales at hotels. My absolute favorite part of the job was planning events with the clients and making sure every detail was perfect for them. Maybe one day I'll get back to sales & catering but for now I'm happy being a SAHM and planning birthday and Christmas parties.
(Not to toot my own horn but toot-toot! I did a 'White Trash Bash' way before it was cool. I hired a DJ and karaoke and everything. I wish we could relive that night again.)
Follow the label "party" on the right side bar to see more of my latest parties.

24. I never liked country music until about 2 years ago.

25. I have a very vulgar sense of humor. Very un-lady like. I blame it on growing up with my dad and brothers and having mostly guy friends. South Park and Beavis and Butthead were/are two of my favorites. I can just relate more to belching, cursing guys than talking about feelings and crying. I'm not a feelings person (except for when it has to do with golden retriever puppies, see #22).

26. Speaking of no feelings (I kid, I kid), I throw everything away. I hate clutter. I don't very very very rarely save cards or notes or sentimental objects. I don't have a box of movie ticket stubs or buy souvenirs because it's just more crap to have to store somewhere. Rich is the total opposite. He won't throw anything away. Drives. Me. Nuts.
There's actually a joke in our house that when Rich can't find something he says, "You must've thrown it out."

27. I love reading. Starting and finishing a book are two of my favorite things. I don't want to read it on a nook, an iPad, a phone, etc. I like real books with real pages. I love the smell of library books.

28. I have one tattoo that I'm getting removed. It has no meaning. I got it just because I was 18 and I could. I honestly just pointed to something on the wall and said "put that here" while pointing to my ankle. Tribal around my ankle with a rose. Gag.

29. I can't stand corn or Brendan Fraiser.

30. Rich and I have been together for 11 years and married for almost 2. Yes, I waited that long for an engagement. I'm looking' at you, Kate Middleton! I'm glad we waited though because I took a looooong time to grow up and settle down.

Well 20's, it's been fun but I'm excited to see what my 30's have in store. See you Sunday, 30. 

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