Chili and Barnes & Noble (Or how I spent my 30th birthday)

I wish I could say it was a huge bash and out of control and busy but honestly, I just took advantage of a lot of laying around time.

We started the day with going to brunch at Granite City. Pre-kids this was my favorite place to go on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They have all you can drink mimosas for $7.99 that we more than once took advantage of. The bartenders and manager got to know our group well...
This time however we just had a quick bite. No alcohol. Sad face.

Before we left I opened my gifts from Rich and Olivia. OLO gave me a $30 gift card to Starbucks (cause I'm 30... get it?) and Rich got me this beautiful purse:

I almost insisted he return it because it was just too grand of a gift but he won and I kept it. Ah darn  :) I'm obsessed with the gorgeous color and can't wait to spill juice, animal crackers, and fruit snacks inside of it.

Brunch ended abruptly when someone, I'll leave it up to you to guess who, slapped their hands in a plate of syrup then wiped it all over their kitty pants. Hint: Not Rich or I.

That afternoon Rich made chili and put beers in the fridge because even though it was my birthday, it was also Sunday and Sundays in our home mean NFL Red Zone, buddies, food, and beers.

I then went to Barnes & Noble. Alone. I bought a latte and they spelled my name correctly. What kind of sorcery......

then grabbed a few books and just sat. Just sat in silence and realized how much I missed peace and quiet. It was a glorious 20 minutes.

I bought a few books; this one, this one, and this one. Then headed back home to my chaos.

We watched some football (Boo Vikings!) and I planned out our outfits for our fall family photo shoot the next day. I'm anxiously awaiting the photos to be ready!

I put together a bookshelf from IKEA which is essentially like brain surgery:

That evening I took Olivia to an event in our area called Zoo Boo. A chance for little ones to dress up and collect treats without any of the scary stuff at the zoo.

My little cupcake.

Sebastian be like, "Where'd everybody go?"

Per usual, none of the kids are looking at the camera.

They handed out everything but candy which is great for the adults and a bummer for the kids. They gave out Larabar peanut butter cookies which I LOVE but quite the trick on the kids. (Made with dates, real peanuts, not at all a standard "cookie" if you don't know what they are. Great for Tone It Up gals!) It was funny watching the kids take a bite then spitting them on the ground asking what the heck that was.

The end of the night included a dance floor and DJ for the kids and Olivia had a freakin' blast! When this girl hears music she gets into it and could've boogied all night if I would've let her.

I felt terrible when I took her off the dance floor because she was having SUCH a good time but my 6 months pregnant belly just couldn't keep running after her and swooping her up from almost being knocked over. We got home and I turned on Pandora and continued the party in the living room.

After bedtime Rich and I laid in bed watching scary movies and calling it an early night. It was honestly the perfect day for my 30th. Family, Friends, a little alone time, a dance party in the living room, and a gorgeous new bag doesn't hurt :)

The next morning she insisted on wearing her cupcake during breakfast; who am I stop her!?

My 20s were great but I think my 30s will be even better.

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