Home is where the heart is (or where your wi-fi connects automatically)

October 5th is finally here. I've been dreaming of this day with googly eyes since about May/June. October 5th means we are DONE! Today is the last day of the Tulsa State Fair which means it's the last day of our fair season. We've been living on the road since the end of July and for over a month straight  since September 1st and I miss home. I'm clicking my imaginary ruby red slippers together now. 

Our home on the road is great, but our home without wheels is even better. I need my bed, and my shower, my closet, my Target, my Starbucks, my kitchen, my oven, I could go on and on. Not looking forward to the massive pile of mail that awaits us but everything else, including the frigid cold, will be welcomed with open arms. 

Six state fairs are done.
Five states.
Thousands of miles.
Extreme heat.
Extreme cold.
Only one run-away dog moment.
No major accidents.
Two blown tires.
Six midways.
One tumble down the stairs.
Six giant slides.

And now… we're heading home! 

I'm so grateful my kids gets to grow up with a fun environment and be able to be with both parents all day everyday. Everyday is 'Take Your Daughter To Work' day for our family and in the winter we get to all be home relaxing together until the next summer's adventures. 

We can step outside our front door and play with the goats, cows, deer, sheep

Or walk down the block to go on the merry-go-round or tilt-a-whirl

Even though she'd much rather just cruise around on the golf cart 

Or chase Daddy down food row

Or just goof around inside when it's raining or too busy to be walking around

I love that my kids will experience life the way my husband grew up and get a taste of life outside their little suburban home. While I was ready for everything to be over, I can't help but be a teensy bit sad that it's all done already. Next year we'll have two little ones to chase around and Olivia will finally be big enough for the (big) little kid rides. 

Wish us luck on our drive home, we absolutely need it. 
Praying for a calm/happy traveler. 

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