If I Only Had A Brain….

Pregnancy brain, or "momnesia" is a real thing, I don't care what WebMD says. I had it slightly with Olivia but with this baby I've honestly lost my mind. I don't know if it's just the pregnancy, the fact that I've always had a terrible, terrible, memory or the fact that we've been on the road since July and I'm exhausted but one thing is for sure, this mom's brain is fried. 

Need examples? 

1. While walking out of Target with Rich a lady is in the parking lot looking around confused. "Ma'am!" she yells to me, 
"Ma'am are these your keys??" 
I lost my keys in Target and she found them and was trying to find the owner in the parking lot. Think that's the first time I've done that? Oh no, just a few months ago I lost them in Old Navy and the manager searched high and low with me until we found them on a table of t-shirts. 
"Wow….." is all Rich could say while I retrieved my keys from the nice lady. 

2. Shopping at Lowe's we stop to look at something. I carried on and started walking away towards something even more boring (home improvement stores aren't my cup of latte). 10 minutes later Rich says "Where's our cart?" 
Me: Right here…. 
*Then I notice I accidentally grabbed someone else's cart and have been walking around with it for the past 10 minutes. Oops. 

3. I drove the golf cart into the RV on accident.

4. I drove my car into the RV on accident.
(Both resulted in only minor scratches)

5. While doing things around the fair, I found it to be too crowded to drive the golf cart around so I parked it, grabbed the keys and headed out on foot. An hour later I'm standing around trying to figure out where the hell I parked it. 

6. While getting gas I pulled up on the wrong side of the car. (I've had this car for 4 years now….) 

7. I lost one of Olivia's Platinum Moccasins :( 

I hope I'm not alone in my carelessness. I hope even more that this is as bad as it will get. 
Now where did I put my phone…...

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