My minivan brings all the kids to the yard, and they're like…

Oh October, my favorite month. Cooler weather, Halloween, and my Birthday! 

I haven't even been home for 24 hours yet and already set up my pumpkins, candy bowl and table runner for the front door. Insane in the mom brain.
Now I'm just waiting on Rich to put up our purple lights outside the house and I'll hang my Halloween wreath. 

Super boring and not festive enough yet, we'll get there. Don't all ask at once, the pumpkins are from Target. 
Headband from Sola Bowtique
We have plans to go to the pumpkin patch, zoo boo, and the apple orchard in the next few weeks. How will we get there you ask? In our new van! 

We went for the 2015 Dodge Caravan RT fully loaded. All black with black leather and even black rims. I want to look as far from a soccer mom mini van as I can. Mission accomplished I'd say. 

This thing has 2 DVD players and will play two different movies so the kids don't need to fight over which movie to watch on road trips, they can each have their own. Heated seats, heated steering wheel, a must for northerners. 

We're all pretty stoked about it. 

Today marks Olivia's 15 months (a whole post about this on Monday after her appointment) and 24 weeks for me! 

Rich frantically looking for his keys, a messy bathroom, Olivia dropping my toothbrush and saying "damn!",  all part of the chaos that is our mornings.  

Stats: Up a total of .8 lbs. I thought I was up 8 or 9 pounds but I didn't have a scale the entire time we were gone so I was guessing based on the belly. At the Dr. today I found out I'm basically back to where I started. 

Feeling: Meh...

Sleep: Just fine

Craving: apples and sweets; specifically the peanut butter snickers squares- I could eat a whole bag

Milestones: We had our 20-week scan yesterday, very late since we were out of town; we told the tech that we did NOT want to find out the sex. Unfortunately she had a slip of the tongue (we think) and said 'his/her' at one point. 

I'm not sure if she was saying it or not so we're still in the dark since we don't know if it's a boy or girl. In name news, I've officially done a 180 on what I like. I just cannot settle on a name for a boy OR a girl. I'm going to give up searching for a name until January. I can barely decide what I want for lunch let alone decide on a name that someone will have for the rest of their lives.

Funny story time: at today's appointment the nurse asked me if I wanted to get the flu shot. Sure, why not? So she started asking me some standard questions with her very thick MN accent:

Nurse: Have you ever had a reaction to a shot/vaccine?
Me: No
Nurse: Allergic to any meds or drugs?
Me: No
Nurse: Allergic to aids? 
Me: What?
Nurse: Are you allergic to aids? 
Me: How would I know that…?? No?
Nurse: Well if you can't eat eggs and are allergic..
Me: Oh my God EGGS! I thought you said AIDS! 

In other news even though I'm sleeping well I just don't have 100% of my energy back. I hired a housekeeper to come every 3-4 weeks and she starts on Tuesday. The heavens opened and the angels are singing. Haaaaaaaaalelujah! I can barely keep up on laundry let alone cleaning the boogers off the couch. 

Ta Ta for now goofballs 

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