Our Weekend

Or was it Thursday? The days are running together for me lately. We took Olivia to the Children's Museum downtown Saint Paul for the afternoon. She had so much fun that we ended up buying a family membership. It was great that there were different levels in the building for different ages. Each room had a different type of learning and exploring to do. We started in the nature room, then the Clifford exhibit then the tiny tots toddler room. Olivia loved playing with kids her age, crawling in all the tunnels, running up and down halls and stairs and just being a kid. I don't want to sound all sanctimommy right now but I think it's important to get out of the house and away from television and explore and play! Don't get me wrong, there are some times when I just need to get stuff done so I throw on Doc McStuffins to entertain my tot for a half hour or so just to finish some emails or read a book for 10 minutes; but keep it to a minimum, that's what we try to do.
When Olivia is having a crabby day, 99% of the time it's because she's bored. Can you blame her? Her mind is ready to learn and explore and sitting inside all day does nobody any good. This sign at the museum said it perfectly:
Soaking up the last few nice days we have left. Took a bike ride to the park and crawled in more tunnels. My crawling-in-tunnel-skills are minimizing as my belly expands.
Showing me a rock she found. Immediately after this was snapped she popped the rock in her mouth but spit it out when I panicked.
Afterwards we grabbed some Fro-Yo and watched the Lion King.
I went to Home Depot to buy supplies for a very large project that I may end up regretting. More on that later.
Then we headed to my aunt's house for my Grandma's 91st birthday where everyone assured me that I'm having a boy. Grandma even said it so it must be true! Olivia has always been very shy but this time she busted out of her shell and didn't need to be velcroed to Rich or I at all times.

Ended Sunday with watching Hocus Pocus on ABC Family. Pretty great weekend I'd say.

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