Pregnant Halloween Costume + Painting Wood Trim White + 5 on Friday

My Halloween costume!
Yes, it's very "last year" but I wasn't pregnant last year so there. It's under $10 so it's even better. This doesn't need a DIY tutorial, I cut a hole into a black shirt I had, bought a $5 Barbie and a chain at Michaels for $2. I did feel bad cutting Barbie's hair... Sorry Babs.
I've been working all week on Olivia's room/the nursery painting the trim white. We built our home in 2009 which means we started designing and picking the details out in 2007 aka when I was young. I had no idea what I wanted in a home at that age and looking back, there are a few things I would change today. For instance, I picked all our gorgeous showers and thank God the builder said,
"You'll probably want a tub"
Me: "I don't take baths"
Builder: "Do you plan on having kids?"
Me: "Ohhh......"
Thank God for that builder.
So we have this outdated brown trim throughout our whole house. I've been thinking about painting it white for the last year or so but the thought has honestly scared me. After some research (Pinterest), I decided to bite the bullet and picked up supplies at Home Depot. I'll do a whole DIY on this later because there were pretty minimal DIYs that I saw that explained it in a language I'd understand. I'm not even close to being done yet but here's just a mini sample:
Before: Leading into her closet. 
Before: Walking into the room. 
My only oops
A little touch up and Ta-Dah! Or as Olivia would say, "Taaa!" Leave my nails out of this. I had them done last week and prenatal vitamins are making my hair and nails grow like crazy. I don't remember them being this strong last pregnancy.

Here is my "during" picture. The only oops I had was ripping the tape off a little too enthusiastically and taking part of the wall with it. So far my project is turning out beautifully and not a drip on the carpet. It honestly has changed the look of the whole room and I already have plans to update the whole house. Obviously years in the making.
I'll have an update in the next week or so but the current colors on the walls are not staying. I'm waiting to see if this little one is a boy or girl to paint any of the walls. When I was pregnant with Olivia I wanted the colors and theme to be light pink and light gray with elephant accents. The entire room was supposed to be light gray with a pink accent wall. After Rich painted the 3 "gray" walls I cried because I bought the wrong paint which had a blue tint to it and didn't look gray at all. I've been busy/lazy and just left it these past two years. She now has 2 pink walls and 2 blue-ish gray walls :-/


My (upside down) headband for Black Friday Shopping!


 I'm in love with my new phone case:

Make your phone case here. I got the Bokeh frame with, of course, a black and white photo. I have an obsession with black and white photos, especially around the house. It just looks so clean and crisp.


My all time favorite snack for pregnancy was found on the Frisky Fall Edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan: peanut butter banana on a whole wheat wrap. So much nom. The fall editions are always my favorite because they seem to be more family friendly and more comfort-food-like as opposed to their beach babe editions. Lots of hot meals and easy crock pot recipes included in this.

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  1. Your Halloween costume is spot on! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you Kaylie! Hope yours was awesome!

  2. LOVE miley! That white trim will change the whole room. AND we had the same issue with gray .. we painted it gray (read: carolina blue) then bought 11 samples and painted them on the wall - and then went with one sample at only 25% of the tint (ie much lighter). Grays are so much harder than pinterest makes them seem!

    1. I can't wait to find out if this is a boy or girl and be totally done with the gray in that room!

  3. Found you through the link up! Congrats on expecting #2- how exciting!!


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