T is for Tulsa

This post is brought to you by the letter T, and the number 6. 

T for Tulsa 
6 for fair numero 6

I've been terrible at keeping up on this and I'm trying to do better. I will do better once we finally get back up North and I have more free time on my hands. So in case you're wondering (you're probably not), here's what's been going on around here: 

1. I had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte and go ahead and take my woman-card away, but I'm not a huge fan. I much prefer the apple spiced latte over this anyway. 

2. I'm now 23 weeks along!

Quick Stats: Up 8 pounds, heartburn is starting to appear, craving apples, always ready for a siesta, and feeling like I'm carrying a 26lb. bowling ball. 

3. We visited the butterfly hut yet again

Olivia tried brushing the one on her head off but it stayed on her hand. She violently shook her hand to get the butterfly off and we decided quickly that that was enough. (The butterfly is totally fine by the way, no need to call anyone.) 

4. I was insanely jealous of all the Tone It Up Retreat photos I saw on Instagram last weekend. If I wasn't working/pregnant/busy/had unlimited funds I'd be there. There's always next year… 

5. Our epic group Halloween costume will be no more due to cold weather. I've been working on mine and Olivia's new costume fiercely, by "working on" I mean cruising Pinterest. I haven't yet 100% decided on what we're going to be and yes, I'm one of those insane mothers who dresses as a duo (trio) with her child(ren). Judge away. 

6. I finally read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I've heard for a couple years now how great the book is and really don't know what took me so long to sit down and read it. Just kidding, I totally know and it rhymes with "Bolivia". The movie comes out Friday and I've already told Rich we're going as.soon.as.the.theatre.opens.
He's game. Yusssss! 

7. I saw this on the internet the other day and literally almost wet myself

It was after a particularly long day. You know when you're exhausted and something is funny, it's extra funny? That's what happened here. I laid in bed hours afterwards and out of nowhere snort-laughed. 

8. My stomach is now a new pillow for book-reading-killer, you know who I'm talking about:

And I love every second of the snuggling

9. It has been hot, hot and more hot in Tulsa. I was in Minnesota for only ONE day in September this year, just one day! I've been on the road/in the south for the entire month of September and deeply missing the back home cooler weather. When I get home in a week you can bet your first born there will be lots of Pumpkin Patches, Apple Orchards, cliche hoodie and hot coffee pics over on the 'gram, and baking. (I had no idea I'd miss my oven so much. I haven't had one for over a month and really craving some cupcake/bread/cookie making.) 

10. I bought this warmer from Scentsy and stocked up on my favorite scent, Satin Sheets. I'm obsessed with Scentsy after discovering them a few years ago at the Oklahoma State Fair. Every year at the OKC fair I buy a new warmer and stock up on Satin Sheets. My whole house always smells this way and unless it's a holiday I rarely change that. I'm not a fan of regular candles because I am always nervous around open flames and having kids + pets + flames = probably not a good idea for us. Check Scentsy out if you haven't and I promise you'll love Satin Sheets. (Not a sponsored post, just a genuine love for this product.) 

11. Until Tulsa I had never said the phrase, "Wow, never seen a strip club next door to a Target."

Thanks for sticking around Team O'Neil if you have. I promise the blog will be updated more often soon. I'm also excited to have more time to cruise some of my favorites that I've missed out on over the weeks. 

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