31 Weeks: A Stuffed Turkey

We had a third trimester ultrasound done to measure baby because of my plentiful health issues and everything came back great! He or She is now 4 pounds and measuring right on schedule. Currently baby is breech but the good news is there's plenty of time to still flip. I still go back and forth whether this is a boy or girl and currently I'm feeling boy.
The ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted a 3D picture after she got everything measured to which I of course said, "YES!" What an awesome surprise. The baby looks just like Olivia did at her 3D ultrasound.
 Currently 31 weeks and up about 15 pounds? Total guess. I haven't weighed myself and only go by what my doctor says at our check ups.
Now that we're home from vacation I can wear my standard yoga-pants-and-baggy-tee-shirt maternity gear again. Stretchy lycra all day 'erday. (This is why I'm not a fashion blogger)
Sleeping is currently getting tough. I am a tosser and turner and just can't do it anymore. I try using my maternity pillows but almost every night I end up kicking them off the bed because I'm a back sleeper. I know you're not supposed to but I wake up multiple times a night in that position and have to shift myself around again. I'm officially in that 'uncomfortable' stage.
Movement in general is getting tougher. I can't pick Olivia up like I used to and carrying her up and down stairs is next to impossible. While at the airport Rich had to do all the running after Olivia and picking her up and down because I was just too out of breath to do it.
Our best moment this week was seeing the baby in 3D and hearing that everything is going well despite my health. Olivia was with for this ultrasound even though she really couldn't care less because Daddy had Doc McStuffins fruit snacks to keep her quiet.
A major difference between the two pregnancies is how I feel in general. The kicks from this baby though less frequent, are much stronger and almost painful. With Olivia I had an anterior placenta and she was in 'normal' position so maybe that's why kicks and movement weren't as strong. This baby is currently breech with no anterior placenta so any kick and small movement from me is a lot more intensified. Things like getting up, turning, coughing, and bending over are a little more uncomfortable.
This round I have little to no heartburn. With Olivia I had it bad. I kept tums in my car, at my desk, on my nightstand, in the kitchen, literally everywhere. This round I've bought just one jar of tums and barely put a dent in it. I don't believe the old wives tales that heartburn = lots of hair because Livi came out with next to no hair. Maybe this one will have a head full then?
Braxton hicks are much stronger and more frequent.
My belly button never popped with Olivia but this time it's almost flat. It semi resembles a cat's butthole which is less than sexy. I still had an innie all 9 months with Liv.
The plus side is I'm less puffy than last time. At this point last pregnancy my wedding rings barely came on and off and I had gained 30+ already. All my weight gain has (mostly) stayed in my stomach and my wedding bands are still loose as ever.
I'm hoping that with the holidays these last 9 or so weeks will fly by fairly quickly so we can meet him or her real soon!

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  1. Love the update! I can't wait to find out whether its a boy or a girl. I don't know how you can stand it!


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