DIY Fireplace

As I mentioned before I've wanted a fireplace for a few years now. When we built our house in 2009 I never gave it a second (or even first) thought. I told Rich I wanted one, specifically because I had nowhere to hang stockings this Christmas and what did he do? Went out and bought wood to start building one!

Total cost: Under $300
Total time: Approximately a week



Build a frame. We chose pine because we painted the wood white. If you choose to do a wood frame, go with oak. After choosing an electric fireplace, we went with this one from Menards. I'm a fan because of the changing colors and you can switch the base from logs to glass. 

If you're not skilled in electric, do not do this step on your own! Rich re-wired everything to hide all cords and plugs. I'm not going to do a how-to on the wiring because I don't need anyone electrocuting themselves mm-kay? 

Measurements will of course be determined based on your wall, the fireplace you chose, etc.

We chose to nail gun the frame/fireplace right into the wall. This sucker isn't going anywhere.

Use an electric sander throughout building to ensure everything is flush.

Build/design your molding/trim.

Wood putty the gaps so painting later is flawless. 

Once the frame is complete, putty and sand then start painting

The rectangles were all made just from cutting and nailing a cheap lattice to use as molding.

For the tile we used 
but didn't need to use all 6 of the sheets because we found there wasn't a lot of extra space needed to be filled. 

We debated using actual brick or stone but decided to take the quick and cheap route for this step. You literally just peel and stick it. Too easy. 

Next the "base" was built. This could be done ahead of time but for whatever reason we did it next to last. Again, just using a nail gun we nailed the pine to the wall.

After sanding, molding, puttying, everything is done it's time to paint; aka the only thing I could really help with. Paint is Behr Semi Gloss Ultra White. No priming since it was just straight onto pine wood and there was a primer in the paint.

Gah I can't wait to get rid of the baby gates!

And WALLAH! You have a fireplace! My next plan is to build a panel/ledge in front to cover the blonde wood trim and to paint that wall and entryway either a light gray or beige color. Of course, a run to Home Goods or Bed Bath and Beyond for some decoration. 


  1. This looks so good!! I'm so impressed by you guys! Is it warm? My mom bought a house and her gas fireplace gives off no heat. Weird right? Or not weird? Maybe a lot of them are like that.

    1. Yes! It does give off heat. I was worried it would make the tiles melt away or mess up the thermostat above but so far so good.


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