Five on Friday: Newborn Must Haves

Why a 'newborn must haves' on a Five on Friday? Because as second-time parents we've learned that while new babies need a lot of stuff, they don't actually need a lot of stuff; hence the short list. These are your most basic survival items in my opinion. I've learned that you don't need a fancy diaper bag (my purse always has diapers, nuks, The Little Mermaid DVD, even a couple cans of tuna), fancy bedding (a crib sheet'll do), or a changing table (waste of money we never use ours). These are the five items I won't do without:

4Moms mamaRoo Plush Infant Seat - Silver

Hands down the best baby item to ever exist ever. Olivia lived in hers the first 4 or 5 months. I don't know how we would've survived those newborn months without this. That's a little dramatic, I know. If you haven't heard of this "cadillac of baby swings" well then welcome back from under your rock. It rocks and swings and plays soothing sounds or your iPod. I never used the iPod feature because I don't think newborns want to hear Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or Miley. Maybe I'm wrong? Doubt it.
Rich and I love this thing so much that when our friends were expecting their first child, it was Rich's idea to pool money together with a couple other friends to get them this chair for their little girl.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Though I loathed this thing, it was the best pump out there (so I'd heard). I'm determined to make breastfeeding work this time so it's about time to blow the dust bunnies off my old boob vacuum. Is it weird that I was a little bit in competition with myself with how much I'd produce? I'd plan on pumping a certain number of ounces and try to "beat" that in 15 minutes. Weird? 

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Liam The Brave

These are the best for swaddling baby up to sleep. Pre-swaddle blankets we tried wrapping Olivia up in regular blankets and after maybe 5 minutes she fought her way out of it and cried because her arm was loose. I've already started a stockpile of these in mint and gray. 

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail System with Odor Lock Carbon Filter, 100 Count

Diapers STINK. Babies obviously poop a lot and we currently have three of these in our house. One in the living room, one in her bedroom and one in our bedroom (the 3 most changed in rooms). We just used ours for poops to save money on the refills and threw pee diapers in the regular trash. These will save your home from smelling like a sewer. 

With Olivia I had the Moby Baby Wrap and I kind of hated it. Once it was on and she was in there it was 'aight but she only loved it for the first week or so. I hated how long it was having to tie it up and the fact that it took up the entire diaper bag. I reluctantly purchased this baby wrap and am excited to see how it stacks up against the Moby. I have another baby carrier that works great but it has straps and buckles and isn't very "carry around" friendly. I purchased the gray and white (duh) which is currently on backorder. Hopefully this arrives by January! 
Why a baby carrier at all?
Because you can almost never set a baby down. Olivia needed to be carried around everywhere. It made emptying the dishwasher, peeing, making food, basically anything with your hands impossible. 

Honorable mention: The Bumbo. We already pulled ours out of storage and cleaned it off for offspring #2 to enjoy.

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  1. I couldn't do without me Medela. Also, love some A&A blankets. We didn't use them till' the second time around and I became a little obsessed.

  2. I cant wait to hear your take on the Solly baby wrap. We had the Moby and it was great, but after that effort, I'd make her stay in it for an hour or two. And the pump brings back horrible memories. I pumped for way too damn long - and I'd probably do it way too damn long the next time around - so I cringe at the thought. Encouraging and sweet of me right?

    1. I can't wait to try the Solly. I hope it isn't as much material as the Moby because I remember that taking up so much space in the already jam packed diaper bag.


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