Five Things That Happened At Our Thanksgiving

We host Thanksgiving at our home every year because we have Rich's late Grandma's dining table and china so it's become a tradition for us. While the table has oodles of years of memories, it also looks like it's had heaps of years of wear and tear and a design straight from the '70s (which is when said table was born.) Handy Manny Rich decided to give it a much needed makeover and had it ready in time for Thanksgiving day and I LOVE it! All the memories with none of the wicker.
Before and After:
Not the entire Thanksgiving setting of course, just the silver chargers that are clearly very dusty.
We'll be adding white Wainscoting panels around the dining room as high as the chairs reach then brick on the upper half of the wall as well as paint the trim to the patio door white.
Heart eyes all day.
Moving on. 5 Things That Happened At Our Thanksgiving:
1. I can't cook, that's no secret especially if you're a long time reader here so I'm put in charge of setting the table and cleaning the house and keeping the child out of the dog food and water. Two out of three of those things were successful. After getting Olivia ready in a pretty outfit with a pink tutu she weaseled her way out of my sight and took a bath in the dog bowl. Rather than putting fresh clothes on her I let her air dry and called it an afternoon. Mom Fail???
Last Easter my Dad oh-so-encouragingly said to me, "Just be in charge of pies. But don't cook them, I mean just buy them." when I asked what I could help with or bring to Easter. I proudly busted out the Bakers Square pies I purchased and .... ... .. .. dropped them on the floor face down. I still managed to mess up food I didn't have any part in creating. Daughter Fail???
2. I asked Olivia if she wanted a snack and pulled out a cheese stick. I said, "Would you like some cheese?" and she looked at me and smiled widely while yelling "Woooo! Cheese!" Then she pointed at Minnie Mouse on her ride along helicopter and said "Minnie". Genius!
3. While setting the table I couldn't find our one and only set of 'fancy napkins'. I searched high and low and in our giant holiday tub (where I found our Elf on the Shelf then I sat down in the basement and Pinterested ideas to set him up this year and got distracted for a good 45 minutes pinning where I started planning Olivia's 2nd birthday WAY too early). I remembered what I was down there for then I tried remembering the last time we used them (last Thanksgiving) and decided to give the laundry room a check. Sure enough, there they were, still unwashed from last year. Oops.
THEN I forgot to put them in the dryer and we ended up using paper towels anyway. Host fail??
4. When "Turn Down For What" came on the TV Olivia bent her knees, then slowly swung her butt back and forth to the beat. You can mail my mom-of-the-year award to PO Box ...
5. After I promised myself I wouldn't do Black Friday shopping again especially on Thanksgiving, I found the paper on my doorstep and rushed to Old Navy as soon as it opened at 4:00.
"You saved $246.57!" Said Cindy, the Old Navy cashier.
I don't mean to toot my own horn but....

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  1. This is so funny - your pie story. Maybe just don't be in charge of food at all next year! You are growing a human - that's enough.


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